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  1. plenny7

    Something else to add to our pre-sail checklist - Battery charger output

    I learned a valuable lesson Saturday. I toss this out in case it helps someone else. Thankfully, we didn't have to call for help, but it was a puckering moment. After my usual pre-sail checks, I went to start the Yanmar to get it warmed up before we took off. I turn the key, press the start...
  2. plenny7

    Drone photo of our marina and lake

    I recently discovered this cool photo on Google Maps "street" view. Someone sent up a drone and got a great 360° shot of the Lake City Marina (MN) and Lake Pepin (on the Mississippi River)...
  3. plenny7

    How to move a head?

    I think this is a simple problem with an easy solution but before I go drill new holes in our boat, I'd like to tap the wisdom of this group. I'm finishing up the project of replacing nearly all of our sanitation system on our '92 Hunter 33.5. I replaced the Jabsco head with a Raritan PH...
  4. plenny7

    Sailboat Lift?

    While in Illinois earlier this week for work, I had some time to kill. Lake Carlyle was nearby so I spent some time checking it out. I found a marina full of sailboats. One thing that caught my eye was that several of the slips there were outfitted with lifts which raised the boats several...
  5. plenny7

    Any seaplane experts here?

    We had a seaplane land on our lake yesterday while we were sailing. At first I thought it was making an emergency landing because the only thing we ever see on the lake are float planes, and even those are rare, but this plane made a controlled landing, floated on the lake for a while, then...
  6. plenny7

    Some day I'll get off my boat and do this - hang gliding above the lake

    We have an outfit on our lake called Eagle Hang Gliding. You get pulled up in the air by a speedboat until you get to 2000'. Then they release the tow line and you glide. You ride tandem with the operator. I think I'm going to do this next year.
  7. plenny7

    Drunks on a dock - not good.

    Boy did I have an exciting time this past weekend, and not in a good way. I got to pull a 250 pound drunk out of the water. It was not easy, as you might imagine, and he's lucky he's not dead. We were at our slip, my wife asleep in the rear berth while I was lounging in the salon finishing my...
  8. plenny7


    Go to the 30 second mark. My head would spin trying to figure out if I was the stand-on or give-way vessel here! I'd love to watch this in real time rather than time lapse.
  9. plenny7

    Orca tows a sailboat

    This would have been something to see
  10. plenny7

    Fly Like an Eagle (Photos)

    Or just sit and chill out. Across the lake from the marina is a tall, dead tree. We call it the eagle tree because nearly every time we go over there, we see bald eagles perched there. Usually there's 2 or 3, sometimes 5. On a recent visit, however, we were thrilled to see ELEVEN...three...
  11. plenny7

    Looking for low profile fittings for a new holding tank

    I have a '92 Hunter 33.5 with the original 20 gallon aluminum holding tank. It's way past time to replace it and I'm planning to do just that this fall, hopefully before it leaks. It seems to be a pretty simple project and I was happy to find a 20 gallon Ronco tank which fit the space...
  12. plenny7

    Empty Hot Water Heater - Can I run my engine?

    We finally figured out where our leak was coming from and it's our fresh water tank. We've emptied it as much as we can and will not be using it until it's replaced. Unfortunately we also discovered rotted wood which will also need attention. dangit!! There are two lines between the water...
  13. plenny7

    A curious day at the marina

    Our marina recently installed a webcam looking out onto the lake. I'd prefer it looked over the boats at the docks, but oh well. As it is, it usually isn't that interesting to watch but I happen to catch some crazy happenings yesterday. The webcam view is of Lake Pepin on the Mississippi...
  14. plenny7

    Bilge Pump Reset - How does it work?

    My google-fu is failing me and I can't find anything about this. Below is a photo of what I assume is a the bilge pump reset (or fuse holder) on my '92 Hunter 33.5. My bilge pump is not operating, with either the switch at the power panel in Auto or On. I pulled the old pump and the impeller...
  15. plenny7

    Troubleshooting my bilge pump circuit reset/fuse

    The gist of the problem, other than that I'm a noob, is that I'm not sure how the bilge reset works on my battery switch panel. Or perhaps they are not resets but fuse holders? See the photo below. There are two red buttons marked 50 for the battery and 25 for the bilge. You can see that the...
  16. plenny7


    First a wordy post about how we found balance in the sails this past weekend, finishing with a somewhat related question about balance under power. On several previous sails, most of which were when our friend owned our current boat, a Hunter 33.5, we'd get to heeling at an uncomfortable angle...
  17. plenny7

    Some Big Company on the River

    Sailing on Lake Pepin yesterday (on the Mississippi River) we had some BIG company. First we saw the replica ships the Nina and the Pinta tied up on the guest dock at the Lake City Marina. The Nina was built with just hand tools, to scale. The Pinta was built larger than the original to...
  18. plenny7

    Sometimes it the little things

    We bought '92 Hunter 33.5 last fall and are having a ball with it this summer. I've done a few things to it but nothing big. I replaced changed the oil & filter, replaced the head pump assembly, replaced the fenders, replaced a couple of hatch arms, added a midship cleat, added a furling...
  19. plenny7

    Water Pump Chatter

    I've seen a couple of recent threads about water pumps recycling, and pumps coming on intermittently, but this issue is slightly different. When using the water on our Hunter 33.5, if we try to use a faucet at low flow, the pump will chatter, that is, turn on and off rapidly. If we turn the...
  20. plenny7

    Where's the water draining?

    My wife and I bought our first boat in November, a '92 Hunter 33.5. It's a boat we had sailed on many times previously and when the prior owner decided to go bigger, we bought this. We're currently getting it ready for our first season of sailing and plan on having it in the water next week...