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  1. stuartsw

    Loose stanchions - is there a simple solution?

    If you’re looking for solid, install SS rails.
  2. stuartsw

    flush ceiling led lights

    Just about everybody sells them. Check out the lunasea line of cove lights. You’ll find a load of different manufacturers on Amazon. Or, you can go to, and get led replacements specificied to your Hunter model and year.
  3. stuartsw

    Hunter 49 / 50 Shore Power inlet

    Smart move. Many of us have done the same.
  4. stuartsw

    replacing sanitation hoses

    There have got to be a bazillion posts on replacing your sanitation hose. Peggy Hall a/k/a “the Headmistress” has an entire book that covers all things head related. Check out the forum. My wife and I replaced ours on our H36. It takes some patience, some hose lube, and a messenger line, but it...
  5. stuartsw

    Time to tighten main furler?

    There should never be any sail left on the furler foil in a fully deployed (non-reefed) situation. If that is the case, the foot of your sail is too long. Consult a sailmaker on re-cutting the sail for your boat and rig. To fold the sail, remove it from the boat. remove any vertical battens you...
  6. stuartsw

    Forward hatch hinges broken on Hunter P 42

    If it’s a Lewmar hatch, they’ll sell you replacement hinges
  7. stuartsw

    Trying to find the location of Primary Fuel Filter and Y-valve on 2005 H36

    Welcome to the Hunter Family! I have a 2009 H36. Your primary fuel filter will be under the aft berth, starboard of the center line, next to the fuel tank. You’ll find a primary fuel shutoff valve on the line feeding into the fuel filter. I’m not on my boat at the moment, so can’t send a pic. We...
  8. stuartsw

    DC Main on panel is dead

    When you say “the power disappears,” what is giving you that info? Are you using a multimeter to measure the current?
  9. stuartsw

    Reefing Line Size(s)

    On an H36, 3/8”.
  10. stuartsw

    H38 - Furling line - Replace cleat with cam cleat?

    To add to the above wisdom, a cam cleat is a solution for a running line, but—especially with foresail furling, one wants a control line solution that does not require tension into the cleating solution, E.g., at anchor or dock in a blow.
  11. stuartsw

    Outboard Motor Mount on Stern Pushpit - 2005 Hunter 36

    Correct. The motor stem would prevent that as well, but the piece of marine board does it better. It rests against the seat when in use.
  12. stuartsw

    36 foot Hunter Anchoring Questions - Chain and Rope Ratio

    The nylon rode is not a safety disconnect. Chain alone will not give you the elasticity you need to absorb shocks, much depends on where you are anchoring (depth) and what types of sea bottom you encounter. Here in the Pacific Northwest, for instance, I’ve equipped my H36 with 100’ of chain and...
  13. stuartsw

    Filling Fresh Water tanks

    John: model and year of your boat?
  14. stuartsw

    Tools needed?

    I have a 1/4” Husky socket set with both, up to 9/16 and 12mm. Other than a deep 17mm for large specialty jobs (e.g., pulling the transmission/throttle lever) that set has proven itself to be all I need. Btw, those cute solo sailor chicks? Now own their tools. In both senses of the verb, lol.
  15. stuartsw

    Leaving motor on dinghy while sailing

    It is not reasonable. That’s a heavy motor, and a smallish sailboat. We have an H36, and had a 4hp outboard that we mounted on the stern pulpit. The davits are for your unpowered tender.
  16. stuartsw

    What Gen 3 Anchors fit H38 bow rollers?

    Go to the anchor manufacturer of your choice, and get an anchor rated for your o/a length and weight. If you need to change the bow roller (I did, for a Rocna on my H36), sailboat owners dot com will either sell you a stock size roller or mill a custom one for you. Fit the gear to the anchor, vs...
  17. stuartsw

    Dyneema lifelines on Hunter 36

    Andy, I just replaced my lifelines on our 2009 H36. Used stainless steel. The shrouds come close to the lifelines, but do not touch them on my boat.
  18. stuartsw

    H36 Reefing Advice

    Would love to get your report on the above.
  19. stuartsw

    H36 Reefing Advice

    I’ve owned and sailed an H36 for 10 years. My experience is pretty consonant with yours, as far as reefing goes. I have 3 vertical battens in the main, and my reef points fall just aft of each batten. The sail shape is best that way. And let’s add that this is in moderate seas, and at wind...