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  1. Jim Legere

    Attention Hunter 37 Cutter Owners!

    Hi. As some of you may know, I have been a devoted H37C owner for the past 18 years. During this time I have got to know many of you through this web site, email correspondence, and in person. I also have been maintaining a database of all our sisterships, or at least as many as I could find...
  2. Jim Legere

    New anodes in old Yanmars?

    I am in the process of overhauling the cooling system on my circa 1983 Yanmar 3QM30. It is designed as a raw-water cooled engine - heavier castings, zinc anodes, etc. - but was supplied from Hunter with a closed-loop glycol cooling system, a Sendure heat exchanger, and a separate Jabsco salt...
  3. Jim Legere

    The Wreck of Astrid (H37C)

    I am sorry to report the total loss of one of our little ships. Astrid, a 1982 Hunter 37 Cutter (Hull # 294, formerly All Hands, Sybaritic ) was lost off the west coast of Mexico last October. Fortunately her owner survived and I am posting this with his permission. I first encountered Wayne...
  4. Jim Legere

    The Eyebrow

    Just finished doing the brightwork on my H37C. Once again I never quite managed to stay ahead of it, but there is something satisfying about standing back and admiring it when its all done. One of the most fiddly bits to varnish (or Cetol in my case) is the "eyebrow", as I have dubbed that...
  5. Jim Legere

    Did you know...?

    I am one of those guys who doesn't stray far from the nest - I pretty much only ever log into the Cherubini Hunters sub-forum. Sure, I know there are lots of other forums on, but I am content to play in our little sandbox here. I enjoy talking Cherubinis and helping fellow...
  6. Jim Legere

    CDI Furler for Parts

    CDI Furler for Parts - GONE! I recently replaced the original CDI furler on my 1983 H37C. I replaced it with a Harken ESP. The old CDI furler was working at the time of dis-assembly, but a few of the joiners got messed up when removing the foil sections. In any case, this unit is no longer...
  7. Jim Legere

    H37C for sale in Nova Scotia (not mine!)

    A nice H37C is for sale down on the LaHave river, about an hour's drive from me. I thought he had gone south in the boat, but something must have changed. Anyway, some interesting interior modifications and the finish and condition of the boat seems very nice. Link is here
  8. Jim Legere

    The Loss of a 37 Cutter

    I was very sad to come across this article yesterday. Sadder still than the loss of the boat is the tragic death of her owner. The article names the boat "Panacea". I have no record of any Hunter 37C by that name but there was a "Panasea" that was purchased by Englishman Phil Hays-Jahans and...
  9. Jim Legere

    Atlantic Canada Hunter Rendezvous July 2014

    I thought I would pass this on: Dear Hunter Owner, As you may know we are organizing a Hunter Owner's Rendezvous at LYC next July. I have attached registration details of same. It should be a bunch of fun with approx 30 boats attending. Regards, Jim Snair 2625...
  10. Jim Legere

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

    All the best to the rest of the Cherubini crew and wishing you a happy, heathy and prosperous new year!
  11. Jim Legere

    Season's Greetings!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to the best bunch of sailors on the internet! Peace and best wishes for a wonderful new year to you all!
  12. Jim Legere

    Role Call - everyone OK?

    I am really hoping all our Cherubini Hunters have survived Sandy...I realize some folks in the Great Lakes regions are still dealing with the storm right now (Tuesday AM) them I say: hang on, good luck, and stay safe! To start the ball rolling, here in Nova Scotia, 700+ miles away from...
  13. Jim Legere

    Halloween Tricks

    With Hurricane Sandy forecast to hit the US East coast on Monday, Its going to be a busy weekend for a lot of sailors. I hope all my Cherubini Hunter friends down there are going to be OK...good luck and stay safe!
  14. Jim Legere

    Wind Vane Self Steering on a Hunter 37 Cutter

    A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow H37 Cutter owner (Rainer of Fred V) for a beer and some good boat talk. He was very interested in my wind vane self steering and I agreed to send him some pictures. Since I don’t know of any other H37Cs fitted with this, I thought I...
  15. Jim Legere

    H37C Topping Lift - yours?

    Yesterday I was out for a short sail in about 15 knots of wind. My topping lift was on too tight - not allowing the leech of the mainsail to stretch out when the mainsheet was cranked in. It got me to thinking: what do other owners do with their topping lifts? Mine is (I think) original. It is...
  16. Jim Legere

    The Silly Season

    I lurk about on a number of forums including automotive and audio recording in addition to sailing (of which this is the best, of course!). I have noticed that this time of year seems to bring out the most antagonism, lack of respect, trolling, etc. among normally civil posters on all sorts of...
  17. Jim Legere

    Hunter 37C Database - HELP NEEDED!

    Hi there H37C Owners, Its a new year and I am taking another stab at refining the database of our boats. Attached is a copy of what I have so far. Missing info is highlighted yellow. For the build month, all I need is the last letter of your HIN (hull identification number, located on the...
  18. Jim Legere

    AquaMeter Compass Repair

    I don't know how many Cherubini owners still have their original compass but I'll bet if they do, the compass is getting hard to see. Once I determined that it was the compass and not geriatric eyesight, I started looking for a fix. The problem on my 1983 Hunter 37 Cutter is that the binnacle...
  19. Jim Legere

    Binnacle Leaks

    Is it just me, or is life about constantly struggling against small leaks on my boat? I have done all the "Gruender Improvements" (see Gene`s excellent articles at and I still have a little water coming in from somewhere up forward...but here is one that...
  20. Jim Legere

    "Drivesaver" devices on propshaft

    I notice Johnb had a picture of his transmission (in another thread about changing tranny oil on a 3QM30) with a "Drivesaver" or similar coupler device fitted between the shaft coupling hubs. I have always meant to try one of these - I even purchased one, but it was the wrong size. What models...