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  1. cymeyer

    North Shore Canvas winter cover experience

    Anyone have any experience with a North Shore Canvas winter cover? We bought one last year and are very disappointed. It doesn't fit to allow closure all around. The owner keeps saying to stretch it, but I think it just doesn't fit despite being custom measured. It should not be this hard...
  2. cymeyer

    How much chlorine for 40 gallon tank?

    Reading Peggie's book, page 49 says 4 ounces mixed in a gallon and use one gallon for 5 gallons of water. If I am correct, that means 32 ounces of chlorine for 40 gallons. Practical Sailor suggests 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons or 4 tablespoons for 40 gallons. 4 tablespoons is 2 ounces...
  3. cymeyer

    Jib Car - worn gasket under the car

    We have a 2000 model year Beneteau 321. There is a rubber gasket under the jib car which is about to fall off (see picture). I could not find a replacement part for the rubber gasket but wanted to take the jib car off. The ends of the tracker could not come off since the screws turned. I...
  4. cymeyer

    Sealing Leaks in Lewmar Old Standard Portlights

    Got this from a friend of mine (Tim Porter) years ago. Tried it once and didn't do it right. The key this time was using a caulk gun and some clear silicone. Took about 30 min per window and worked great.
  5. cymeyer

    Beneteau 321 - how often to replace sanitation hose?

    Have a 20 year old Beneteau 321 with original sanitation hoses. No issues yet, but was looking to see how to find the discharge end and could not figure out how to get at the tank. Has anyone done with on a Beneteau 321?
  6. cymeyer

    Removing interior cabin lights on Beneteau 321

    Must be a trick to removing the overhead cabin lights (2.5" diameter roughly). The bezel broke off and I wanted to remove the bulb and the base and could not figure it out. Thought it would best before breaking it...
  7. cymeyer

    Side Rub Rails for B 321

    Jus curious if anyone with a Beneteau 321 has found a rub rail insert for the aluminum one on the boat. The aluminum has get damaged without some protection.
  8. cymeyer

    Charging a sailboat fridge

    Read the article in Sail Magazine on how to recharge the fridge. Can't find the hoses with a gauge. The supplier in the article ( has the kit but without a gauge. Any idea where I can get the hoses with a gauge? Have called a number of places.
  9. cymeyer

    Battery Replacement - AGM

    We put in "Group 27" AGM batteries in place of our "Group 24" batteries about 8 years ago. The AGM batteries show no signs of weakness. Removed them from the terminals over the winter and kept them on the boat thru the Michigan winter. The batteries were fully charged this spring without...
  10. cymeyer

    Sheaves for b321 masthead

    The mast on our B321 has only come down once in 15 years and plan to do so again in a couple years. I noticed last time that the sheaves at the top of the mast were worn. Believe one was for the jib sheet and the other for the spinnaker. Anyone know what brand/size I need for these...
  11. cymeyer

    Replacing the Joker Valve on a a B321

    I always dread the replacement of the joker valve. Not from the possible waste water that comes out, but the struggle I always have to get the new waste water hose back onto the male end of the housing with the joker valve. is there a flexible elbow I can use to make this easier? I did...
  12. cymeyer

    Painting Bronze Prop

    I should know the answer to this but I don't... Does it make sense to paint a bronze prop with VC17 anti fouling? i know you can buy Velox which is pretty expensive. Just not sure if there is any harm that can be done. We have a max prop.
  13. cymeyer

    Oceanis 41 - quarterberth vs. full size?

    Looked at 41 foot boats at the Annapolis Show. The Oceanis 41 is a beautiful boat but we were curious about the fact the stern berths only come with a 'quarter berth' design vs. a full bedroom with some other 41 designs. We can see the value of having a storage room in the back, but our...
  14. cymeyer

    Best way to clean the base of the stanchions....

    I searched the forum and could not find any good solutions. What kind of brush is best for cleaning around the base of the stanchions? Need to find a tiny brush...
  15. cymeyer

    How do you know when to replace the batteries?

    This is a question I should not have to ask, but I will. I searched the forum for answers and could not find. We have a Beneteau 321 and the batteries are 8 years old. They are AGM batteries and they work well. My fear is one day they won't hold a charge and I won't be able to start the...
  16. cymeyer

    Anyone bought marine binoculars recently?

    Would like to buy some image stabilizing binoculars, but most seem outrageously expensive. Has anyone bought a pair recently with good luck (and not too expensive)?
  17. cymeyer

    Hard to find water leak

    Have a small water leak on the port side where the water drips into the electrical panel. I can see where it is coming in which is the upper right part of the electrical box opening. I am fairly sure the opening port has been sealed enough. What is odd is it can be dry why I leave port...
  18. cymeyer

    Blade maintenance on brass folding prop

    We have a maxprop and have noticed the blade is tarnishing and was not sure if it will start to pit as well. Read about Pettit #1792 Zinc Coat Barnacle Spray and was curious if anyone had good luck with it. Any other solutions people have used?
  19. cymeyer

    Air Conditioning on B321

    We have a 2000 MY Beneteau 321 and would like to install A/C. Just curious who might have done this and where did you install the compressor. How many BTU's? 12,000 good? Which brand?
  20. cymeyer

    New Hunter 40

    Curious if there are any owners out there of the new Hunter 40. Looks like a great boat. Just curious about what the users say. Chris Beneteau 321