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  1. T_Cat

    T-Bolt 1/4-28 Left Hand Thread for Standing rigging source help

    Raising the mast last sail resulted in some bent T-Bolt's. Does anyone have a supplier that doesn't run $14 each plus shipping?
  2. T_Cat


    I almost put Ladyhawke up for sale this spring. The kids like our motorboat better (Tubing and fast = fun) . The Admiral likes the sailboat but its to slow. I got tired of sailing alone..... I realized it's my dream. My idea of fun. Hopefully they will feel my excitement. Until then I sail...
  3. T_Cat

    This is what happens when.......

    What happens if you don't go sailing enough? After raising the mast the (new this year) topping lift cable somehow goes over the top to the windex arm. Causing you to lower the mast and try again. After raising the mast again and attempt the connect the forward lower stays you notice the rear...
  4. T_Cat

    I joined the grounding club!

    Tough day last week. Decided to take the family sailing on the hottest day of the year. After prepping the boat in the parking lot my family arrived. Already over 100deg. Motored to our favorite cove and played in the water and on friends jet skis. Motored back to the marina to drop the wife and...
  5. T_Cat

    Spring Cleaning

    Happening Now!!
  6. T_Cat

    Boom Vang and Mainsail Sheet suggestions?

    Time to replace some sheets. It seems I have a 1/2" mainsail control sheet and boom vang sheet. The material I have now is soft in the hand (almost feels like cotton) I don't want to use the same yacht braid I used on the halyards and can't seem to find a "soft" material. Any suggestions? As...
  7. T_Cat

    2016 Highlights

    Please share your pictures from this year!
  8. T_Cat

    Oh no!! Check out the Catalina 22..I hope it's not bushav (Lane)
  9. T_Cat

    Overnight adventure!

    I did a solo trip just before Memorial Day weekend. I had a great time and I learned some things about boat handling and myself. I did some things right and I made some mistakes.... All and all I had great trip and learning experience for me.
  10. T_Cat

    Favorite sailing pic!

    Just for fun. Post a pic of a trip you took sailing. Location and date included. Golden Gate Bridge Aug 2014 Russ
  11. T_Cat

    YouTube slide show of our first trip!

  12. T_Cat

    Prepping for spring

    Not a sailing picture but close... At least it stopped raining for an afternoon so I could run the outboard for a bit.
  13. T_Cat

    Crazy mods

    So what do I do when I have to work and no sailing time is in sight? Dream about the craziest mods I will probably never do. I'll go first. Turn the garbage storage into an ice box to store the 2.5gal keg filled with my home brew. Use the froward dinette storage for the C02 tank. Run the...
  14. T_Cat

    First Trip!

    Finally floating.... Had the family join me for an afternoon sail. I spent a wonderful night on the hook and some brisk wind sailing in the morning... What a wonderful time. Thank all of you for your guidance and support in the 6 month adventure from purchase to float.... Russ
  15. T_Cat

    Boat for sale

    A good looking '86 just popped up on eBay out of Florida if anyone is looking!
  16. T_Cat

    Jib sheet cleat

    Would anyone like to share their jib sheet cleat set up for single handed sailing? I was thinking of using cam cleats with a fairlead so the sheets don't run back to the jib car. They will be placed in same location as the factory cleat aft of the winch. BTW I will be singlehanding with the...
  17. T_Cat

    ASA 101 completed!!!!

    Just spent the last four days getting by ASA 101 cert. I had a blast playing around with Capri 22's. Now to finish my 87!
  18. T_Cat

    It's discrimination!!

    Was looking for new launches..... Out of the 6 I checked out, one of them apparently doesn't like sailboats!!!
  19. T_Cat

    Is this normal?

    Admitting that I know very little about fiberglass, is it normal to have sections inside the hull glow when the sun shines on the outside of the hull. These pictures are of the compartment behind the potty on my second generation. One with flash and one without. Thanks Russ
  20. T_Cat

    Gin pole question

    So raising the mast was no problem but, when lowering the handle on the winch can free spool causing the mast to drop quickly. Which in turn causes myself to have an A** Puckering moment. Am I missing something obvious here??