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  1. ToddL214

    Mainsail slug replacement

    Glad to see someone taking over and taking care of a Catalina 310. When ordering a new main this year the Ullman loft that handles Catalina sail production advised me that the slot on the mast for Catalina 310's varied though the years, (and maybe even within model years). All that's to say...
  2. ToddL214

    Survey day

    I think you'll be shocked how well she'll sail close to the wind and all you can accomplish with the traveler that's on the Cat 310.
  3. ToddL214

    Lake Water Foot Pump on Catalina 310?

    Has anyone installed a lake water/sea water foot pump routed to provide water to the galley sink on a Catalina 310? - Which thru hull did you source the water through? - How did you position the pump near the Galley Sink? - Do you have photos of the installation? My Catalina 30 had a...
  4. ToddL214

    Selling advice-where else to list a 310 for sale

    Listing on Craigslist generates the best "scam examples" if you need a good laugh or two through the process. When my Catalina 30 was listed one email assured me, " is not necessary as we'll pick the item up at your home".
  5. ToddL214

    Wasps in the bilge

    I've had good results over the years putting a few of the most aromatic of citronella candles I can find aboard, (they're cheap and plentiful each year just before July 4th). I never light the candles but place them in the cabin and rear storage areas to repel wasps and mud daubers, (this seems...
  6. ToddL214

    Where do I complain? Seems like that should be a good place to say, "Good Job and thank you"...

    Where do I complain? Seems like that should be a good place to say, "Good Job and thank you" for the updated website. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged. Todd L.
  7. ToddL214

    Big Day Tomorrow

    Silver Lake is such a lovely place for a celebration. Congrats to you both; here's to the next 50 years!
  8. ToddL214

    Our 2003 C310!

    ...and so it begins, an owner and his boat.
  9. ToddL214

    Our 2003 C310!

    Spent the last two days on mine in tribute to your pursuit. Good luck.
  10. ToddL214

    Our 2003 C310!

    Much like the C310 you're pursuing, our PO had just about everything worked out by the time he sold us the boat. "Towels" were about our only issue. Our paper towel solution was built from some scrap teak and a couple of dowels. Since we don't use the chart table for lake sailing it's...
  11. ToddL214

    Our 2003 C310!

    When you've made the deal, make sure you get the base for the table that screws into the floor when you get the table tops. It looks just like the unit under each of the table tops. I noticed yours doesn't appear to be on the floor in the photos you shared. The replacements are available but...
  12. ToddL214


    Congrats on the new boat and all the fun and adventures you'll have. Please consider adding zippered openings in your main sail cover for your two Dutchman lines. Although our boat had the Dutchman when we bought her, our sail cover didn't have openings for the lines and consequently I wasn't a...
  13. ToddL214

    What do you wish you'd known?

    The best thing I did with my first boat was to set a goal from the outset of how many times per month I felt like I wanted to be on the boat for what I was spending, (in my case including maintenance, projects or even just to hang out; it was a boat in a slip year around on a Texas lake). Once...
  14. ToddL214

    Sail Ties ... Just curious

    If you go the webbing route, (as from REI), I think you'll appreciate the "tubular webbing" as an alternative to the flat webbing, (it has a softer hand). Twist one half turn of the end prior to tying a simple overhand knot to make a loop of whatever size you like that will stay "open" for...
  15. ToddL214

    Traverse City, Michigan

    Thanks for the recommendations on Traverse City!
  16. ToddL214

    Traverse City, Michigan

    All: My schedule's changed and now I have time to knocking around Traverse City, MI day after tomorrow and would like to spend it exploring a "sailor's marina", (tomorrow is for Mackinac Island). Can anyone give me a recommendation on where to focus my effort or any other advice on the...
  17. ToddL214

    Annual Costs for Club Racer

    Where do I send my sailing resume to get in line to join this crew?
  18. ToddL214

    Seattle Trip..

    If the weather's nice I try to find time to wander the docks of the Center for Wooden Boats with a cup of coffee at South Lake Union. Red Mill Burgers and Molly Moon's Ice Cream are Seattle gems and if you haven't had any soup dumplings, don't know what they are or need a "fix" you should...
  19. ToddL214

    Pressurewasher PSI?

    An electric 1,600 psi unit works great and even better if you wet the surface and then add a little diluted "Roll Off" with a brush prior to using the pressure washer.
  20. ToddL214

    Battery recommendation

    I wish someone had shared the information at the attached link with me when I moved up to boats with alternators, battery banks and battery switches. Maine Sail puts the basic information in context and reading it helped me to understand much better what I had, why the builder/PO set it up as I...