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    O'Day 222 Chainplate

    Hi, I'm 'm in the process of replacing the bulkhead in my 222. My question is should there be a gap between the top of the "L" on the chainplates and the underside of the cabin top, or should the chainplate be pressed to the cabin top with the bulkhead also pressing against the bottom of the...
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    In Hull Transducer Location on O'Day 222

    Hi, I'm about to install an in hull transducer for my depth meter (works through my chart plotter) and wondered where others have placed their transducer. I don't want a transom mounted one. Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.
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    O'day 222 sliding hatch

    I just purchased an O'Day 222 that has a few issues, but the most troubling is that the sliding hatch was damaged some time in the past and needs to be repaired/replaced. It appears that the mast was dropped on it and cracked the glass on the aft edge and in the center. Water leaked in...
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    Daysailer III Rudder

    Hi, I purchased what I thought was a Daysailer II, only to realize after I bought it that it is a Daysailer III. The prior owner had put the package together from different boats. The rudder is from a Daysailer II, and one of the pintles was moved on the rudder head to make it fit the...