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  1. Igetit80

    Help needed with trailer strategy

    I have an 87 Catalina 22 swing keel in great shape. It came with an 89 Trail-Rite trailer with drum brakes that are totally inoperative. The axle is a "drop" type, attachment points have old-school lug bolts. Surface rust appears on the leaf springs and brake housings, but overall the frame and...
  2. Igetit80

    Another C22 dinette project

    Inspired by others on this forum, I decided to see what I could do with an aging OEM dinette table that was badly delaminating around the edges with an outdated finish and unnecessary heft. This is my third sailboat, and though not the largest I have owned, its in the best shape as I found it...
  3. Igetit80

    2002 Hunter 270, need jib furler track line (halyard?) diameter

    I need to replace the line that runs up the foil track on my jib furler, the boat is a 2002 Hunter 270 (same boat as the 260 but with wing keel and inboard diesel). Does anyone know the diameter of that line, and the length? Trying to find the replacement part online but not sure if the proper...