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  1. Bob S

    Time for new dodger and bimini

    Todd, What kind of price range would you expect for a bimini for your size boat. I want to replace mine and add flexible solar (Velcro) to it. We're all in the same area but I haven't explored costs yet. I'm sure there are quality levels of Sunbrella to consider too. I've used a few local guys...
  2. Bob S

    Lost a good friend

    Truly sorry. Something we should all think about.
  3. Bob S

    Beneteau Circuit Breakers

    Anyone have a source for a 20A breaker to fit a 2003 Beneteau DP. I am installing a new electric head which requires 20A. The only open circuit I have open is a 5A. I’d like to find one that fits the panel without altering. I found a 15A but can’t seem to locate anything larger.
  4. Bob S

    US-Spars Mast Furling Main on Beneteau 343, Check the Halyard Tension

    No one has answered this. I’d like to understand the physics behind this.
  5. Bob S

    Raritan Smart Toilet Control with Multifunction Panel

    I'm almost done installing a Raritan Elegance head and am trying to find a good location for the smart control panel. I'm concerned with water as the head is also the shower and I don't want ti getting sprayed every time we shower in there. Any suggestions from anyone with experience with these...
  6. Bob S

    Holding tank pumpout question

    You definitely want to understand how your system works so tracing everything is important. A few seasons ago I hauled too late in the season to get a pump out. I got a local guy that handled Porta Potty Rentals and he had the right attachments to pump the boat out at my place. He also did...
  7. Bob S

    Holding tank hose barb combination elbow fittings recommendations

    I'm installing a Raritan Elegance and have removed my holding tank. One of my 90° fittings was damaged so I'm looking for a replacement. I was looking at this but it's not barbed where it connects to the hose. Is this better or worse? The...
  8. Bob S

    Dinghy Sling Davit System? w/ pictures

    Funny, one of the few pictures on a sailboat is Smitty JK_Boston a contributor on the Catalina 31 site. Maybe he will chime in. We added Garhauer Davits last season and when heeling 20° or more the pontoons are very close to being dipped. I have the same length AB. Caboteur is right
  9. Bob S

    10:1 Scope?

    I love anchoring threads! There is a lot of experience here. I want to know how many have experienced dragging anchor. For the many times I have anchored and slept well I've had two experiences where we dragged. Both times were 1-2 AM still dark in a quick moving squall. I can tell you it was an...
  10. Bob S

    Rum Tank

    Mount Gay on ice with a splash of tonic water and a lime. Now if my wife had her choice we'd be sailing to New Zealand for some Sauvignon Blanc. Livin the dream Jesse!
  11. Bob S

    Yeti - are they that good?

    My daughter two grandsons and son-in-law spent 3 days with us this past summer. They brought their 35QT Yeti and I was quite impressed with it. It held ice and kept everything inside cold for the whole time. I looked into one but they are very expensive so I passed. Then, shopping at a local...
  12. Bob S

    New adventure, new boat

    Sounds like the PO still loves the boat. You got a beauty.
  13. Bob S

    aluminum / stainless fused.... help

    I'd pass on the carbide drill. They're expensive and chip or break to easy to use any kind of hand drill. I'd buy a left hand cobalt drill. Go slow using a cutting oil. Good luck
  14. Bob S

    Are you an Electronics Junkie?

    The external horn came as part of a kit that I purchased from Defender during their warehouse sale. You can silence the alarm with the app but each time a transmitting boat gets close it will sound again. It is also connected to my chartplotter and that alarms too. I can shut that off but on a...
  15. Bob S

    Are you an Electronics Junkie?

    Too late, we just installed their XB 8000. I hope they give you a commission ;) you are a great spokesman! BTW, I love their unit but I need to install a toggle to shut off the external alarm!!!
  16. Bob S

    Nav Table or Junk Drawer?

    I have paper charts for everywhere we cruise along with all the tools needed to plot a course but I'm sure there are cobwebs in there ;) My CG doc a checkbook and assorted receipts from mooring and diesel purchases for the season. It doesn't get opened too frequent. I have three other draws to...
  17. Bob S

    Balmar Smart Guage problem

    Start by tracing the wire which should be fused at the battery. Make sure it's clean and check the backside of the smart gage that the wire is properly plugged into it. At least that is what I would do. Good luck!
  18. Bob S

    Cleaning flexible solar panels

    :) Glad you're safe and living the dream!
  19. Bob S

    Cleaning flexible solar panels

    Thanks everyone, looking ahead! Jesse, I see you weathered another hurricane! You still in St Thomas?
  20. Bob S

    Cleaning flexible solar panels

    I will be adding 2 possibly 4 if I can find the real estate SunPower solar panels over the winter layup. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but are products like 303 or 210 plastic cleaners OK to use on a flexible solar panel? Their manual says over the counter cleaners such as Windex can be...