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    is something wrong?

    is it me or is something wrong? my messages have not moved or changed in a long time.
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    have any of you gone to a dripless stuffing box. if so, are you satisfied and how much did it cost in toto?
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    have you gone to a dripless stuffing box, and are you satisfied. and how much did it cost from beginning to end?
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    bilge water

    i live in the the northeast and keep my boat on the hard all winter. the bilge still fills with water and the boat yard's explanations don't entirely convince me. could this water be coming down the mast and why doesn't my auto hard-wired bilge pump get rid of this excess water? my battreries...
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    slippery deck

    the textured cockpit deck on my catalina 30 mkii has gotten a bit slippery with no obvious cause. what do you guys suggest i apply?
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    a new headsail

    my local sail loft has lost(???) my three year old 145 genoa - which is what catalina suggested for long island sound. in the meantime they are giving me a brand new 110. i do not race. any thoughts?
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    mysterious leak

    a mysterious leak. during the winter, while my boat is on the hard, the bilge fills up, eventually kiling my battery via my hard-wired bilge pump. my v berth and my cabin sole carpet remain dry, but my boatyard needs to keep an eye on the boat all winter. my best guess is that the water is...
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    minwax urethane spray?

    from this site, and others, i have heard of minwax urethane spray for my teak but have no idea what it is supposed to do, how well it works, how long its application lasts, and how to apply it. please answer if you can help.
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    bilge water

    i seem to have more water in my bilge this year than in past years, but it's been a very rainy year. could it be rainwater coming down the hollow mast?
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    cracked hatch

    i have a crack in my bowmar plexi hatch. not urprisingly bowmar suggests a new hatch, including drilling a new hole for my nicro fan. not surprisingly i'd rather not. anyone know what kind of glue i can use to seal the crack? i don't mind a slight scar compared to making bowmar rich.
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    Raymarine, again

    about seven years ago we bought a raymarine autopilot and a garmin chartplottter. now that a component of our autopilot has died, rendering the whole expensive unit useless, raymarine's response has been 'we no longer deal with your unit; how sad for you, now go away.' garmin, on the other...
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    garmin blue chart

    i undetstand from posts on this forum that garmin has walked away from its blue chart technology, thereby abandoning owners of epensive chartplottters and making my 3010 a betamax of navigation. if garmin confirms this, i have abandoned garmin.
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    tangled halyard

    once in a while we return to the boat to find the main halyard tangled around the mast and tangled thru our lazy jacks. we have even gone as far as tightening the halyard on the main winch to keep slack out, but even this doesn't stop the halyard from somehow tangling around the spreaders and...
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    topping lift question

    our boat is a late mkii and we need to replace the topping lift. doing what the p.o. did is no answer since he did it wrong and ran it through the mast. the catalina owners manual is quite detailed about the rigging thru a block at the clew and how the topping lift is cleated on the boom but all...
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    control panel mystery

    on my engine control panel there is what seems a female pin connector that even seaward doesn't understand. it's not there for no reason; any ideas?
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    raymarine autopilot

    it appears the control head for my raymarine st4000 autopilot has died, at least there is something like a dark bubble on the screen, and said screen does not light up any more. the unit is discontinued and all effforts to locate a source for a control head have come to naught. everything else -...
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    pinwheel knotmeter

    has anybody out there solved the problem of keeping the rotating knotmeter under the boat free of whatever grows there and stops said meter from working? it takes less than a day after a diver clears ours before it's fouled again.
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    mistake corrected

    i brought my boat from the yard to my mooring last weekend and since i had no sails rigged yet i didnt't wear gloves. all was fine until i grabbed my pickup stick and got my palm and fingers full of fiberglass splinters which hurt plenty. happily my rigger told me to use duct (duck?) tape on my...
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    catalina 27 lifelines

    hope this isn't a dupe. anybody know why catalina 27 lifelines angle into the deck and leave a big unprotected gap while catalina 30 life lines go straight into the pulpit? seems like it might easy to slip off a 27 while up forward since the life line disappears.
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    catalina 27 lifelines

    why do catalina 27's lifelines angle down toward the deck near the bow when catalina 30's lifelines go straight to the bow pulpit? seems like it would be real easy to go off a 27 while up forward.