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  1. Sunbird22358

    Small O'Day 20 mod

    Fuses/Circuit Breakers were usually installed as part of the switch panel in the main cabin on O'DAY boats.
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    O'day 22 Mast Location

    What year is your 22? My research has found that it looks like the mast step was located just above the main bulkhead on the 1972-79 models which had the Masthead Rig. In 1980 O'Day switched to the Fractional Rig and moved the mast step a bit further forward, which unfortunately meant it was now...
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    Jib cleats that fit 1970s era Javelins?

    Here is what a 1979 DS II has, JAVELIN should be similar. The problem with making changes is that there is really no access to the back side of the surface. It appears that the screws are sheet-metal screws into either the fiberglass or a metal backing plate (but I doubt the metal plate, think...
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    water in the hull

    Well, that was why I asked, I was not familiar with the location of Sacandaga, did not know it is a freshwater lake in NY. But my point was that IF the boat was in saltwater it is easier to tell whether the water was rainwater or had leaked in through the hull. The rest of my advice stands as...
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    water in the hull

    When you replaced the 2 inspection/bailing ports, did you be sure to use a bead of marine sealant (or at least Silicone) around the underside of the flanges? I had trouble with some water seeping in around those. Be sure the covers are fully screwed in too. Water can leak in to the cuddy around...
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    Cracks along the bulkhead

    These cracks are due to the bulkheads causing a "hard spot" against the hull. Fiberglass will flex and that is mostly OK, but anytime the flexible fiberglass is stopped from flexing by bearing against something stopping it.... cracks may develop. Some custom-built or higher-end boats were built...
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    On the Water Storage questions

    I would continue to remove the rudder and stow in the cuddy. Much more secure and will mean less wear and tear on the rudder and tiller as well as the fittings (pintles and gudgeons). Without really seeing your mooring cover, it is hard to tell if the mainsail can be left o nthe boom with the...
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    Chaplain's Oday Sailer

    The Expanded Owners Manual is my creation, so still available. Although it sounds like your boat is an earlier model, I re=posted the 74-77 diagram full size. I also added a picture of a 1975 boat's setup, matching the drawing, might clear up some things.
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    Chaplain's Oday Sailer

    Like this? The up cable is not the usual problem, more often the one that pulls the CB down on 1971-74 models. O'DAY did add a short piece of bungee cord to the up cable setup in mid-1974 to try to reduce the potential slack that could cause a jam like you had. These drawings come from my...
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    1973 Oday 23 mainsheet controls

    I don't know exactly, the rigging list that I have for the 23 is for the later model (1977-85) with a different mainsheet setup. However, based on a similar-sized boat that I do have that info for, I'd say around 50' (maybe a bit more??). I'd get a little more than I thought I needed, then cut...
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    Widgeon paint

    My 1969 WIDGEON had a sort-of "rubber-like" tan coating on the inside with white "spattered" dots. Combination of the texture of the coating and the little white dots gave some non-skid effect.
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    Seeking DS2 replacement mast

    No, Cape Cod Shipbuilding makes their own masts and booms. D&R Marine sells new DWYER spars for the O'DAYs, but not cheap unfortunately (shipping is the real killer!) I'd say check Dwyer themselves, but they are now in Bristol, RI so shipping will still get $$$. I'll echo the idea of contacting...
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    Here is that diagram!
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    Do I have a 25 or 26?

    Is your 25 a 1983 or (rare 1984) model?? If so, the window layout was updated for 1983. The "G" in the HIN indicates 25, as mentioned above, the 26 used "M". The 26 was introduced as an 1984 model, typical O'DAY phase-in, they still made a few 25s during the early part of the 1984 Model Year...
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    1973 Oday 23 mainsheet controls

    Diagram, this shows the 20 and 22, but should also apply to the early 23. I'd use 3/8" double-Braid polyester (Dacron) line.
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    Have a O’ Day 222 need help with spec definitions

    Sail dimension diagram
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    unidentified stainless cable

    Boom Vang! See diagram and picture below.
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    Bringing back to life

    The Cabin raising setup is located over the aft end of the V-Berth it is basically a crank winch that operates cables that run to the 4 posts that support the raised cabin (basically works just like a pop-up camping trailer. I'll try to post a picture later.
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    The plastic self-bailer is the same one used on the SUNFISH sailboats, except the threaded pipe part is longer on the DS II/III version. Rudy at D&R Marine sells the complete unit, but MIGHT sell individual replacement parts. D&R Marine, Assonet, MA (508) 644-3001 If all you need is the rubber...
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    Original boom length of DS2? Main sail spec?

    That isn't for a traveler, your DS II had a so-called "Crosby-Style Mainsheet". mainsheet starts at bail on bottom of block at aft end of boom, goes to one block on stern corner, then across to other block and back up to block on end of boom, then forward to single block on boom about mid-boom...