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  1. CrispyCringle

    Cleaning a diesel engine

    I use Scrubbing Bubbles spray bathroom cleaner (yellow cap) on my cars. Works very well. Spray on, let set a few min and rinse off. Kind of has an Armor-All look when finished. As mentioned, cover electronics, and I never use pressure to rinse off. Just a low pressure stream of water.
  2. CrispyCringle

    Best Depth finder for $200

    I have a Hawkeye. It’s purely a depth readout. No fancy graphics. But only $100. Works great.
  3. CrispyCringle

    40 yers ago - August 1979 - The Fastnet Race Disaster changed the Sailing world.

    Ive heard of that but didnt know what it was. Fastnet sounds like some modern tech term. Ill be watching that vid tonight and reading up on this.
  4. CrispyCringle

    Hunter 216 standing rigging replacement

    Ahh yes. Understood.
  5. CrispyCringle

    Hunter 216 standing rigging replacement

    Unless your showing some rust stain near the end pieces or popped strands, excessive kinks, you could probably spend the time and money elsewhere. Just me tho.
  6. CrispyCringle

    Annapolis Boat Show reactions

    I was there Friday and Saturday as well. Friday was ok, as far as crowds. Saturday was horrible, in my view. Added to the crowd size, which was dense, people actually thought it would be ok to bring strollers and even had someone trying to negotiate the dock walks and bridge links on a motor...
  7. CrispyCringle

    Yeti - are they that good?

    Their products do the job well, but other competitors do it just as well for a lot less. I just about lost it when I saw them selling plastic 5 gal buckets- just like regular 5 gal buckets at Lowes hardware-for $25!!!! For a $2.99 bucket. There was no difference in the two. Except the grey...
  8. CrispyCringle

    Gap At The Bow Support When Loading Hunter 23.5

    I have the same issue most of the time when I trailer my 23.5, which is typically at the beginning and end of the season. I sometimes have a gap of 2-3" from the bow to the V bumper. There will be comments regarding the "Hunter Bump" where you pull the boat out, drain ballast, and get a little...
  9. CrispyCringle

    Peak Sails "Generator" Kite for 23.5

    I’m glad you like the sail. I’d really like one for my boat and almost ordered one last year. Since then I have been scared off by several posts on multiple forums of long delays and no communication from the company. PeakSails is pretty much spamming my email with winter sale info.
  10. CrispyCringle

    Hunter 260 wide load

    A 26 is a nice boat. I wouldnt want to trailer it all the time tho. I'd plan on about 2 hours each, if you're really fast, for set up and tear down. Cuts into the day a lot.
  11. CrispyCringle

    Annapolis Show re visit

    Me and my better half will be there Friday and Saturday. This is our first boat show. Pretty psyched. We are hoping to get info on the latest and greatest stuff and look at some nice shiny big boats (not that we will be buying new). Its two and a half years till we shove off for blue waters, so...
  12. CrispyCringle

    Storage ideas for H23.5

    On my 23.5 I use a trunk organizer to store stuff, as well as two military A-3 type duffels for the spinnaker rig and another with a bunch of extra and old lines. The mattress pads are in storage. I would be claustrophobic trying to sleep down there. I use a thin non-slip pad like those used...
  13. CrispyCringle

    Bow Falls off!

    You wont have much control at 1 knot, especially with any wind.
  14. CrispyCringle

    Some dumb questions

    You may need to remove the boom. If you have someone to hold it up for a minute you don’t even need to mess with the sail. Just pull the pin.
  15. CrispyCringle

    Yet another mast stepping thread... Great design. Looking for hardware input

    The trick to that setup is the “freely moving car track”. Otherwise it would jam up because of the geometry.
  16. CrispyCringle

    Hunter 23.5 stern rail seats and rudder rigging

    So does that mean you are parting out the boat, or selling the whole boat?
  17. CrispyCringle

    Hunter 23.5 stern rail seats and rudder rigging

    Rick, I like the rudder lock. Nice idea. I have to raise mine because the marina Im at is not very calm water. No wave break, so a lot of wake action. Kind of hard on the spade. Nice corner seats. I guess someone will profit from the cushions they get from my boat when I sell it. The...
  18. CrispyCringle

    Hunter 23.5 stern rail seats and rudder rigging

    Welcome Happytobehere, The stern rail seats are crazy expensive, IMO. I dont have them, it would be nice if I did, but not worth the cost. I did buy seat cushions from the online store here. They to were pricey, but I couldn't live without them now. They quality is excellent and Im sure they...
  19. CrispyCringle

    The most insane altercation i've ever had with a guest on board

    Thats true. West Marine handcuff prices are insane.
  20. CrispyCringle

    What size gooseneck to boom pin for 23.5?

    I’m on my 23.5 now. My measurement looks like 0.5”. I’m using the ruler on the side of a leather man. I tried taking a pic but I can’t get the measurement marks to show up. It’s a black leather man. 3/8” looks way to small. My boat is a ‘95.