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  1. Leeward Rail

    C25 Forward Lower Shrouds attached upper chainplate ?

    Is there any conceivable reason someone would attach forward lower shrouds to the same chainplate as the upper shrouds, on Catalina 25 ? The boat I saw has two holes in the chainplates for the upper shrouds. The new owner had both "upper" and "lower forward" shrouds attached there, with the...
  2. Leeward Rail

    Harbor Freight makes boat stands !

    Well.. Sorta. They sell automotive safety stands for use in some situations when a normal automotive hoist is not good enough. They are rated at 2 tons each. I picked 4 up on sale last fall, and just finished 90% of modifications needed for the 2 stern stands for our C22. I cut the rear ones...
  3. Leeward Rail

    Out with the old instruments, and in with the "new", for $200

    Our 87 Catalina 22 came with non-functional Signet Depth, Speed, and Wind Direction units. The cost of replacing the missing components, and getting the system running, made me investigate other options. It's not the 80s, and technology has come a long way. Being a bit of a nerd, my first...
  4. Leeward Rail

    Anyone live in St Augustine FL ?

    Anyone near st Augustine want to meet for a beer today ? Being Thursday I assume that only layabouts and nere-do-wells are free. Hehe
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    what model boat is this in St Augustine ?

    Click for full size St Augustine bay. Anyone nearby this weekend ?
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    What, besides Sailing, is a hobby for you ?

    For me it is vehicles. Currently doing a frame off restoration of a truck for my wife, have 2 vintage Honda motorcycles I am restoring, and being part of my nephew's Rally racing team. We'll be racing in the Rocky Mountain Rally next weekend in Invermere B.C. Time to be outted. Waddaya also...
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    Relative Durability of MSD Portpottie Models ?

    Due to a recent thread by @AaronD about putting a MSD pumpout style portapottie in his Catalina, I been looking into what is available out there for a 5 gallon unit. Looking a bunch of threads the options for seem to be: Sanipottie 965 MSD Sanipottie 975 MSD Thetford, the 550P MSD (Sealand has...
  8. Leeward Rail

    Faucet pump modification for "New Design" Catalina 22 ?

    Has anyone found a modifcation of the manual pump faucet for the sink in a new design c22 ? The sink is too shallow for many things and since the sink "just" fits the space, the alternative is to have a swan necked spout instead of the straight one it came with. A quick search last year for...
  9. Leeward Rail

    To throw a great christmas party All you need is a little imagination

    This either reminds me of my neighbour's friends, or Bob & Doug MacKenzie... It's from ComediHa. Some very funny stuff on their channel. They are apparently a Quebec based, comedy show that is shot world wide. Thanks to @Brian D...
  10. Leeward Rail

    A UNIQUE C22...with a treasure trove of modifications.. Presenting.. "BOAT"

    Evening all ! A current thread mentioned a uniquely modified early design Catalina 22. While I have found photos of the boat online, I know nothing about it, other than the photos and the related info about it's owners. "BOAT" is a Catalina 22 owned by David & Barbara Thomson of Reno, NV, USA...
  11. Leeward Rail

    Midship Dockline Cleat Location ?

    I'd like to install a midship cleat for easier docking. Can anyone who has one, give advice as to the "exact-ish" location fore/aft on a C22 ?
  12. Leeward Rail

    R&R Cutlass Bearing Tailpiece bolts or studs on Bayfield 25 ?

    Hello all, A new sailor at our marina has a Bayfield 25 He is replacing the shaft (broken at the forward end), cutlass bearing, stuffing box/gland nut/packing/rubber hose. Rudder and prop shaft have been removed. The cutlass bearing is in a bronze tailpiece casting held in with what appears to...
  13. Leeward Rail

    Pop Top Latch Clips for Original and "New Design" Catalina 22

    Hello all, I was at the local store today, looking for some boat stuff, and happened to notice that they sold these clips. They will hold the pop top hatch dog handles up, when raising and lowering the pop top. CD sells similar, but the local guy was cheaper once I added shipping. SBO sell...
  14. Leeward Rail

    Catalina 22 Spreader boots

    Making Leather Catalina 22 Spreader boots My rubber spreader boots had definitely seen better days. I had wrapped tape around them until I got around to getting, or making, new ones. What to use now ? In addition to the traditional leather, and the typical rubber ones available, I...
  15. Leeward Rail

    Pop Top Gas Lift for Catalina 22 New Design.

    Catalina 22 Pop Top Lift Assist I finally installed a gas spring based lift assist system for the Pop top on our ’87 C22. Catalina Direct has made a kit for years, and recently @$tingy Sailor has started selling a similar kit at a better price than CD with optional stainless ends on the gas...
  16. Leeward Rail

    Great Circle in a Catalina 25

    Just thought you guys may want to know that James @jmczzz is currently heading south on his Great Circle run on his C25 (You may remember him from his C22 that he was fixing up before he switched to a the bigger C25.) Just got an email reply from him, and I'm smiling like a cat, knowing he's on...
  17. Leeward Rail

    Line management in the C22 cockpit..

    CD has mesh halyard bags listed in their catalog. (can't seem to find similar in the SBO store.) Has anyone used them or similar ? What did you think of them ?
  18. Leeward Rail

    Can you identify this boat ?

    Someone was building this boat, but moved away thus summer and left it behind, due to the distance he moved. Any idea what design it is ?
  19. Leeward Rail

    Catalina 22: Tuning the Rig

    The question of how to tune the rig of a C22 comes up occasionally, so I have decided to compile all the info I can find in one thread. This is a work in progress and I'll update and clarify information as I compile it. Below my initial comments, I have posted the content of an old page from...
  20. Leeward Rail

    "Normal" Group 24 deep cycle battery lifespan vs car battery :)

    Afternoon all ! "Normal" Group 24 deep cycle battery lifespan ? I know this a a loaded question. It obviously depends on how much use it gets, how it is charged, how often it is deep discharged. The reason I ask is this: I've been having discussions with a customer who used a group 27 deep...