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  1. Cowpokee

    Halyard selection

    Now that you have the size selected, double braid polyester with a dyneema core would be one choice to consider for your application. Low stretch but still good handling characteristics.
  2. Cowpokee

    Why is my sail coming apart?

    Well, I had hoped to take the boat out today and get some more pics as suggested but projects at home kept me off the water. I have been in contact with National Sail Supply for a new Rolly Tasker mainsail. They gave me a quote that is well within what I would have expected with delivery in...
  3. Cowpokee

    Why is my sail coming apart?

    That is what I am hoping. It is satisfying to get conformation prior to spending the amount of money a new sail will cost.
  4. Cowpokee

    Why is my sail coming apart?

    It has some hand written numbers near the head of the sail, one of the numbers is 1991. Although the PO hadn't used the boat much before I bought it two years ago.
  5. Cowpokee

    Why is my sail coming apart?

    So I went out for a midwinter sail the other day. Since the wind was forecasted to be light, I shook out the reef from the previous sail. (I frequently leave a reef in because the boat seams to balance much easier with the first reef in the main.) Upon close inspection, I noticed the sail...
  6. Cowpokee

    garage anchor evolution

    Would that be what Noah used to prepare for his 40 days and 40 night "cruise"?
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    Do tell, where would I find examples of this gifted writings you speak of?
  8. Cowpokee

    Factory option thru hull?

    MY 30' boat has a separate thru hull for the head water supply and another thru hull for the sink drain. I have thought about combining the two like yours is in order to flush the head with fresh water at the end of the day to avoid the stinkies that come from the head after a few weeks of non use.
  9. Cowpokee

    Any sailing stories out there?

    Ken, per your request: We managed to get out this past Saturday for another moonlit sail. It has finally cooled off here from daily temperatures in the mid to upper 90"s. Knowing that the wind was forecast to diminish later in the afternoon, we (my wife and I) intended to set sail about 3:00...
  10. Cowpokee

    Diesel intermittent Low RPM stall

    Dirty fuel injectors could. A partially clogged injector wouldn't atomize the fuel adequately so you wouldn't have proper combustion in the cylinder which would lead to rough operation.
  11. Cowpokee

    Show us your burgees

    This isn't my boat. It is a charter boat but still i proudly fly...
  12. Cowpokee

    Still Learning about Flying the Spinnaker

    Bill, the PO explained during the pre-purchase sail that he had his symmetrical recut to use as an asymmetrical. He set the boat up with a cockpit adjustable tack line and marked the clew, tack, and head corners of the sail. Years ago, he raced with it that way so that is the way i have been...
  13. Cowpokee

    Still Learning about Flying the Spinnaker

    Does this apply to the asymmetrical as well? (Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to understand better) My thought was to use the tack line as a "all hell breaks loose" safety. I secure it with an open cam cleat so it will be free running when released even if a hockle develops. As you...
  14. Cowpokee

    Still Learning about Flying the Spinnaker

    Thanks Joe, Even when I go out with my wife, I am still essentially single handed sailing so I don't think I am up for flying a symmetrical spinnaker quite yet. Even though I like the idea of the challenge, I know my limitations. Since I am still learning, I was wondering if those disks might...
  15. Cowpokee

    Still Learning about Flying the Spinnaker

    When planning out our three day weekend, my wife asked about the possibility of sailing. I despondently responded that the wind was going to be light all three days. She mentioned that it had been awhile since she had sailed with me so I got to thinking, since the wind was forecasted to be...
  16. Cowpokee

    What kind of traveler you would recommend for Mac 26C

    I bought a Lewmar size 0 kit for my 26S. It looked kinda small even though it is rated for a 28' boat. I haven't installed it yet but the next size up is a lot more expensive.
  17. Cowpokee

    Homemade mast stepper

    Justin, does one not need the baby stays using the "M" method?
  18. Cowpokee

    Help me understand travelers?

    YES! Instead of the mainsheet attaching to a single point, it attaches to a "slider" that can travel from side to side of your boat.
  19. Cowpokee

    Reefing Mac 26s

    Lisa, I don't believe any of the Mac's were set up for boom roller reefing. If your mainsail has the reefing ties, then it probably also has the reefing cringles on the leech as shown in the following pic: Also, it isn't too much trouble to add a dedicated clew reefing line like I have done...
  20. Cowpokee

    Funny Friday!!!

    That is just wrong right there, that is just WRONG! But I like it.