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  1. Ward H

    Shout Out to The GPS Store and (gasp) West Marine

    I went to the Annapolis show with the intent of coming home with a Standard Horizon GX6000. The GPS Store had it online for a very good price and would be at the show. Another online store that I use had it for the same price but wouldn't be at the show. I had forgotten most of the venders...
  2. Ward H

    Pushpit Rail Mounted VHF Antenna Suggestions

    In the bay I just use my handheld VHF. I contemplating one or two trips going outside instead of the ICW, before the end of Oct. I'm not sure if my nav to mast head antenna coax is good so I'm considering a pushpit mounted antenna with a fixed mount VHF radio with AIS and helm remote mic. Any...
  3. Ward H

    HX870 VS HX890 DSC Question

    I've had a HX870 for about 5 years. For the past year or so I noticed corrosion on one of the charging points of the radio. Apparently this has caused some resistance and heat as it stopped charging and I found the plastic supporting the contact has melted enough to become deformed. So, time for...
  4. Ward H

    Low Lead Genoa Cars and Genoa Foot Blocks

    Good Evening, I want to replace the non BB OEM low lead genoa cars with Garhauer BB cars. The OEM cars frequently do not spin, despite lubing them. I'll be staying with pin stop cars. Garhauer recommended their LLC-2 car special ordered for 1" track. (CD carries them for the same price) The...
  5. Ward H

    C30 Steering Box Endoscopy

    Back on July 30th, I started this thread about a strange noising coming from the steering system. It seemed no one had an idea about my issue so I returned to the boat and tried to take a few photos with...
  6. Ward H

    Crewed My 4th Race - Learnings

    My racing buddy @Scott T-Bird could not make the club race yesterday so I found a spot on the Catalina 30 Standard Rig that has been blowing everyone away each race. Great learning experience! Learning #1 - Skill beats gear This 1980 C30 has a new high tech genoa and fairly new CDI furler. The...
  7. Ward H

    The New APSLTD - Apparel Only?

    I've found Annapolis Performance Sailing LTD has been a great resource for line and hardware. Great selection guides, great phone support and often I could find things on their site I couldn't find elsewhere. Now that is all going to end. I just found an email from this morning announcing: The...
  8. Ward H

    Rudder Shaft/Rudder Tube Noise

    When I bought my 93 C30 in Nov 2017, the surveyor pointed out a little play in the rudder. He felt it was not excessive and shouldn’t be a concern. I adjusted the cables per Edson’s instructions and that removed most of the slop in the rudder. I put the rudder tube bearing repair on my list of...
  9. Ward H

    M25XP w/ HBW50 Transmission - Singing Prop

    My second season with our C30. New this season is a noise while motoring. This is a 93 C30 with M25XP & HBW50 Transmission. PPS dripless water seal and 3 blade prop. Motor sounds great at all RPMs while in neutral. It idles at 800 rpm. When motoring in forward gear there is a whine like noise...
  10. Ward H

    Engine overheat despite all new water intake system

    One of my winter projects was new thru hulls, valves and a nice new Groco bronze raw water strainer. The strainer replace the OEM plastic Sherwood strainer. On the C30 the intake thru hull is 1/2" with 5/8" hose to the raw water pump. The Groco has 1/2" intake ports so I bought Groco bronze hose...
  11. Ward H

    Faria Euro Gauges

    Thinking about replacing my OEM gauges on the engine panel with Faria Euro Gauges, black with white markings. Can anyone comment on the visibility of these gauges in the dark?
  12. Ward H

    Raymarine Axiom 7 Question

    When I looked at an Axiom 7 in a WM store last fall I was impressed how easy it was to overlay data like depth and speed on the chart screen and move it around. This past weekend I installed and set up my new Axiom 7. The depth was displayed on the chart screen by default but I could not...
  13. Ward H

    Are suppression ferrites really needed on Raymarine instruments?

    This weekend I installed two RM i70S displays and a P70S control head into my existing nav pod. The pod also contains a SeaTalkng 5 way connector, T connector, spur cables and the Axiom 7 CP power cable and spur cable. The nav pod is a bit cramped and the suppression ferrites on the spur cables...
  14. Ward H

    Mounting method for cabin top cam cleats

    I'm working on improving my traveler line routings. I want to install new cam cleats with bullseyes to the aft edge of the cabin top, 4" or so outboard of the winches. Normally I would thru bolt but not possible in this location. Would long screws be suitable for this location and use?
  15. Ward H

    Repair of Quadrant Cover Question

    I'm ready to repair the quadrant cover on my C30. The core of 1/4" plywood is rotten and the cover sags when you stand on it when at the helm. The bottom of the cover is just a skim coat of fiberglass and gelcoat. I'm guessing the strength comes from the top coat of fiberglass and plywood. My...
  16. Ward H

    FYI - Quick Splice Connectors

    Sharing this for those newer owners of Catalinas who need to trace down electrical issues. My bow light went out this summer. I finally traced the issue to a quick splice connector that wasn't set completely. It appears, at least in 93, that Catalina used quite a few of these to splice wires...
  17. Ward H

    Bow Light Replacement

    My C30 has the original Aqua Signal 25 bow light which needs to be replaced. I chose to go with and ordered the MarineBeam USCG approved LED bow light which is rated for 2NM. Didn't consider that it was larger and won't fit the existing pulpit mounting plate. I can make an adapter plate out of...
  18. Ward H

    Balmar SG-200 Question

    I recently installed a Balmar SG-200 battery monitor. I understand the monitor readings will gain in accuracy as I go through a few discharge/charge cycles. This past weekend was the first time I had the chance to put a load on the batteries, about 7 Amps, which I did until the SOC was 60% and...
  19. Ward H

    Scored a Marine Air Systems AC/Heat unit!

    I think this is a good thing. There's a marine mechanic who spends the winter in our marina working on barges and other boat repairs for the owner. He had a Marine Air Systems 16k BTU air conditioner, with heat, complete with water pump and digital thermostat for sale. He had pulled it out of a...
  20. Ward H

    Flush Fit Thru Hull Install Question

    I'll be installing new Forespar Marelon Series 93 flush fit thru hulls this spring. Reading over the installation manual the 1" thru hull requires a 1 1/2" hole. The current hole is 1" or 1 1/8". I believe I can put a hole saw of the existing size inside the 1 1/2" hole saw to center it for...