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    Yes, Moonstruck #98 was the boat from which I took the QM Yanmar and some spares. Unfortunately it was too rough to restore under the circumstances. The one into which the engine went is #142 and that one is otherwise in good shape for a 35 year old boat. Thanks for YSM offer. Hopefully I may...
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    Hi Lou, Thanks for your efforts to keep the MarinerNH info alive. I'm the guy on the old Mariner forum who wrote to you re: your diesel. )) I resolved that issue by cannibalizing a Yanmar from another M28 which was unfortunately too gone for restoration. Had to cut and reglass the engine...
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    Replacement bilge hatch

    Check to see if your area has a boat junk yard. You may find a hatch there for the price of marine plywood piece.
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    Trading for an ODay (possible new owner)

    I have a nice Oday25 with fixed keel and 9.9HP electric start Evinrude for sale at $3000. Not sure how you can move it to Florida handle other than by trailering or via ICW but if you're willing to pay $12,000 for one I'll sell you mine for only $6000. )))
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    Where can I buy stanchions for my O'day 25

    Find a local boat junk yard. Best to ask a local boat hauler, they take junked boats there on a regular basis. I see that you're in VA so I don't know of anyone there to recommend. Would you have to install the stanchions from scratch or do you have the bases and just are missing the...
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    Favorite Oday Picture

    In the past 3-4 years I take off the lifelines and try to get the tarp as taught as possible. Since the boat is on the hard near the ocean it does not get as much snow as it would've more inland. About 1/4 of the people in the boat yard don't cover. About 1/3 do the full shrink wrap and the...
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    Diffifcult Re-Starts

    Just in case. :)
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    First time boat owner seeks advice

    I'll chime in with my own 2c worth. My first boat, a 27 footer with ancient Volvo MD5A, was probably in much worse shape than the OP describes this O28. But this was precisely what I wanted. The reason being, prior to that purchase I spent about 5-7 seasons sailing at the local charter type...
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    O'Day 39 general knowledge and conversation

    Started my sailing carreer in mid 90s on literally two of the last O'days 39 made. Sailing club owner bought 2 unfinished boats from the factory in Fall River in late 80s at a bankruptcy auction. Well built and very rugged. Too bad they went under in the Bush recession of late 80s. Found out...
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    272 demasted

    Sorry to hear of your mast trouble. Look on this used parts site. They're in MA but can truck the large pieces anywhere in US. Not sure of the prices but their boat yard has a lot of stuff as they strip junked boats almost daily.
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    Looking for Main an Jib Sails Best approach would be to printout the info or save it to your smartphone and just look for the used sails which fit the best, short of ordering them new per specs.
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    mariner conversion and restoration

    Are you going to hang an outboard or purely sail rig? I'm thinking it would probably make sense to have a 35-50lbs thrust electric kicker with a small solar panel to charge the battery which in turn would also do a double duty as a cell phone/handheld VHF charger on longer trips.
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    Transom on 25 - solid fb or sandwiched?

    This weekend installed the transom ladder. Turns out the transom on my 1979 25 is solid fb with add'l backing on the side where the OB mount is. Was an easy job after all. Even wiggling in the space under the cockpit was not that bad.
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    Transom on 25 - solid fb or sandwiched?

    Yes, I figured that that transom is not too solid for anything above 2stroke 9.9hp. But I have a nice piece of 3/8" G10 I can double up and epoxy in as a back up plate. If that doesn't do it I don't know what will.
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    Transom on 25 - solid fb or sandwiched?

    Ritdog thanks. Funny thing is my motor mount is on the port side. And the transom and the rest of the hull look pretty solid with no signs of rot. The boat was on the hard and stored in a dry barn for the past 6 or so years. Before that it was lightly used during short ME/NH summers and probably...
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    Transom on 25 - solid fb or sandwiched?

    Thanks all for your replies. As it seems that either can be a possibility I will start on the assumption that it is sandwiched and will be prepared to drill larger holes, fill with epoxy and redrill smaller ones for the actual bolts. And if it turns out to be solid fb it will be a pleasant...
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    Transom on 25 - solid fb or sandwiched?

    I recently became an owner of 79 Oday25. The boat is in very decent condition even for its age as it was sailed somewhere in Maine or NH and in fresh water mostly, at that. Anyway, there are some add ons I'd like to do in the next few weeks before launching her. One is to add a transom ladder...