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    Pearson 33-2 Walk-through Transom Diesel vent location

    I have a 33-2 with a walk-through Transom (I hear the last several off the line had these transoms). The vent for the diesel tank was never installed. I checked the tank fill, and does not appear to have a fitting to attach the vent hose to. I'd like to locate the vent the same way the...
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    Pearson 33-2 zincs

    Can anyone tell me what zincs (size & location) the boat originally came with? I'm not sure if location matters, but we'll moor in Raritan Bay NJ. Thanks.
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    OEM Pearson Graphics

    I am trying to find someone who sells the original cove stripe graphics for a Pearson 33-2. I know that it was a thick blue stripe with a thin one above & below it. Hopefully I can find it all on the same backing paper. I also wanted the Pearson 33 letters that go at the aft end of the...