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    Keep the Precision-23 or buy the O'day 26?

    I've owned the 1990 Precision 23 for 8 years and like the boat. It's in great shape, always stored indoors. My wife and I use it most weekends and sleep fairly comfortably on it. I built a pull out addition for the port settee which works very well for me. Wifey is in the v-berth. Now, a...
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    Boomkicker size and install Precision 23

    It's my understanding that the 00750 is the correct size Boomkicker for the P23. Has anyone installed a Boomkicker on their P23 and is there any tips/cautions to the installation? Also, I have a Bimini from Ameriseam on my P23. Should I anticipate any problems with clearance? Thanks, Gene
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    135 genoa vs. standard 110 jib?

    I'm setting up my 1990 Precision 23 with a new roller furler. Will a 135 genoa give me much better light wind performance than the standard 110 jib I currently own? I've thought about a 150 but, the cars and tracks are on the cabin roof (standard position in 1990) rather than on the deck and I...
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    buying '81 Hunter 22!

    buying '81 Hunter 22! Towing it? Hi Folks, I'm about to buy an '81 Hunter 22. The boat is in wonderful condition with a like new interior and a top side that looks much younger than its years. I've looked at other boats and can say that the only other boat I'd consider is the Precision P23 if...