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    Companionway light - 2009 B37

    I have a 2013 model. The AS controller is in the compartment next to the aft berth between the charger and battery isolator. Order the fob and pair it to the controller. Instructions should come with it.
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    The Joke's on Me

    Roger, glad to read that you had (or having?) a comfortable stay on Cockrell Creek and the GW river, my home stomping grounds. I'm on Cranes Creek just off Ingram Bay. Its been really breezy all week and I see warnings are going up again today. And yes, Jennings is one of the best kept secrets...
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    Pros & Cons of 2009 Beneteau 37

    Agree with David. Going into my 3rd full season and we have enjoyed the boat immensely, particularly the sailing qualities...we were the overall winner of a regional regatta last fall....not bad for an Oceanis series Bene. The only real issue I had (and probably a small one in the grand scheme...
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    Dodger and Bilini Enclosure

    Check out Phase 2 in D'ville as well for price comparison. They made my Bimini; Ships Tailor did my dodger. Both did nice work.
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    Yacht Registration

    The USCG Documentation Center has a pretty good web site. It has the forms you need and what sale/proof of ownership documentation is needed. The one time I had to call them they were very helpful.
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    Hanging Locker

    I have a 37 also, though haven't thought of doing that will be interested in seeing how it turns out if you go ahead with the project. I would think half the battle is finding the same finish on the plywood.
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    B393 traveller

    The track cross section looks like a Lewmar size 2 HD, which is what is on my 37. Any of the size 2 range of Lewmar fittings should fit it...check out (I got really familiar with the Lewmar travelers as I'm installing a longer track.)
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    Any Oceanis 38 owners here?

    I bought an Oceanis 37 three years ago. The hull looks similar in dimension to the 38 except the hard chines and the 38's aft end appears a bit beamier (is that a word?). Unlike Drbob, my only quality issues were with a couple of components: the Simrad AP computer and the Xantrex charger died...
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    David, that is what I did. Added two clutches on the starboard cabin top in addition to the one supplied for the spinnaker halyard and ran the main sheet to the inboard one and spinnaker tack line to the outboard with the spin halyard in the middle. Port side has vang, main furler, main outhaul...
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    winterizing woes

    I used to do it by pulling the hose and sticking it in the bucket. a real PIA as you infer from your troubles with that. A Yanmar mechanic showed me the light...a why didn't I think of that moment...close the intake seacock, open the top of the strainer, have mate start the engine while I pour...
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    Race for Independence Win

    Yep, shoal keel, need that where I sail. I tell you what did help with getting a bit higher was when I switched out the prop to a folder. could be my imagination but I really think she gets a couple of degrees higher in light conditions than with the fixed prop. Less turbulence??
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    Race for Independence Win

    Yes, I was concerned for the 37's competiveness in the light air predicted for the Saturday race, but the wind gods were with us a bit. Blowing 7-8 on the upwind leg allowed us to get ahead at the windward mark with a nice margin. The wind steadily dropped from there to very light and we ghosted...
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    Race for Independence Win

    My B37, Grace, won the Race for Independence Regatta on the Rappahannock last weekend. We finished 1st in division in very light wind on Saturday and 3rd overall in Sunday's pursuit in moderate to heavy air which gave us 1st place for the regatta. I hope you Chesapeake sailors will consider...
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    Project Boat Coming Along

    Ditto on the name!
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    Question for Furling Mast Owners

    While I certainly understand Don's advice, I use the power winch for in and out, however with a lot of care. One loop around the drum and a person on the tail, never in the self tailing jaw. For us late 60 somethings it really makes sail handling a non-event.
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    Which of Three Upgrades to Buy First?

    Ditto prop if its the only boat bucks thing you can do this year. Put a flex-o-fold on my boat last March. Made a big difference, particularly in light to moderate air.
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    replacing exterior wood on H23

    Used it to make companionway doors to replace the hatch boards on my C310. It held up very well. Used left over to make a rail mount for the dinghy outboard. Looks like real teak, maybe a bit harder, and I'd go back to it again if needed for my new boat.
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    Veterans of America in our club

    US Army '66-'69, OCS Ft Gordon, GA class 11/67, 25th Infantry, III Corps area, Vietnam '68-'69.
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    Has anyone installed radar and a chartplotter lately?

    I put the Garmin plotter-radar combo on my previous boat. DIY with a Garhauer pole on the stern. The package itself was >2000 IIRC from WM with a rebate at the time plus the pole cost. It worked great, however my current boat has the Simrad radar and plotter (also on a pole at the stern) which...
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    Need Help Refitting mid-1980s GOIOT Steering System

    Goiot went bankrupt or into reorganization a couple of years ago and not sure that they've restarted up production of steering systems again. Machining a new shaft may be the only option. I am lucky enough to have a Goiot pedestal and had the brake clutch fail last year. Beneteau USA furnished...