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  1. mermike

    hydraulic backstay rebuild

    Sailtec is pretty proud of their gauge. That was about a third of the cost. There were some other innards that got replaced as well. More then just the seals. The Yamaha is a masthead sloop, with a baby stay and relatively flexible mast. The backstay adjuster can put quite the curve in the mast.
  2. mermike

    hydraulic backstay rebuild

    I just had my Sailtec rebuilt. It wouldn't hold pressure for more than a day or so. Cost was $760, including a new gauge. It took a while to figure out the problem, which wasn't just seals.
  3. mermike

    Is it possible to add another wiring bundle tube?

    I highly recommend wire pulling lubricant for fishing operations. Makes a huge difference.
  4. mermike

    Y33 sling placement?

    Does anyone have an idea where to place the slings on the Y33? I've not seen anything in the manual.
  5. mermike

    Stupid owner recycled his B323 Propane Tank

    You can't get it recertified? Most propane distributors will do so for a small fee.
  6. mermike

    Bent mast

    I splinted the mast above and below the bend so that the fix was localized.
  7. mermike

    shore power in EU with 4 pin US 50amp plug

    Too many unknowns. Is your 50 amp service split phase or single phase? A 3 wire plus ground suggests split phase, or 2 120v circuits. If you connect Euro 230v to one leg you could get fry things. The iso transformer will likely not modify the frequency from 50 Hz to 60 Hz. An inverter is needed...
  8. mermike

    New to me Yamaha 33 Owner. Like to meet other owners - Olympia, WA and Portland, OR

    Also, that kind of traveler setup is available from Harken (which mine is) and others like Garhauer. It works really well.
  9. mermike

    New to me Yamaha 33 Owner. Like to meet other owners - Olympia, WA and Portland, OR

    I've wondered that myself. The rigger didn't seem have have any concern about it when we switched to the new mainsheet, but I don't think that I specifically asked. I've thought about making a dyneema softshackle to span the metal loops.
  10. mermike

    Periodic Maintenance - Yanmar Saildrive

    An hour meter is a worthwhile maintenance investment if your don't have one.
  11. mermike

    New to me Yamaha 33 Owner. Like to meet other owners - Olympia, WA and Portland, OR

    I was originally going to move the boat from Port Ludlow to Olympia, because it's closer to home and my partner has family there. But the 60" of annual rainfall, vs. 24" in Port Ludlow, along with great access to the San Juan's sealed the deal. PL is an excellent harbor with protection in all...
  12. mermike

    New to me Yamaha 33 Owner. Like to meet other owners - Olympia, WA and Portland, OR

    I'll be on the boat all next week. I'll send pictures when I get there. I've been wanting a dodger as well. The previous owner raised the boom when he had a new main installed. Even so the fit is challenging due to the traveler. I'm not sure a small dodger is worth the money. I'm getting used...
  13. mermike

    New to me Yamaha 33 Owner. Like to meet other owners - Olympia, WA and Portland, OR

    Welcome! I have a Y33 in Port Ludlow. Post some pictures showing your dangerous traveler, you've got my curiosity up. A dodger is a bit of a problem on these boats. Not a lot of room. A member in the Portland area had a dodger and mid boom sheeting but I've not seen detailed pictures. I think...
  14. mermike

    Yet another LiFePo4 query

    It's an interesting question as to whether the load of a B2B charger would keep the diodes from frying if your LFP bank disconnected.
  15. mermike

    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    Will, thank you for sharing your dad with us. My sincere condolences for your loss.
  16. mermike

    Ripped off at Point Wilson?

    I will second the importance of currents. We sailed from Deception Pass to Point Wilson last year. Nailed the passage at Deception perfectly but forgot about Pt Wilson. We arrived with a following wind on an ebb tide. Wow. As we approached, we could see huge waves being kicked up. Thought it was...
  17. mermike

    Yamaha 35CS - Any information?

    Yamaha produced a number of sailboats in the 25-37' range that were imported into the US and Canada in the late 70's to the mid 80's. They were well built. Perhaps overbuilt. I have 33 that I'm quite fond of. They no longer provide any support that I'm aware of. If it needs something like an...
  18. mermike

    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    I have a Sprint MiFi hotspot from Caylx. Unlimited data/no throttling for $500/year. Unfortunately, no service on the west side of the San Juans. And yes it will work for a few more years.
  19. mermike

    360 Vancouver Island 2022 Cruise

    I'm working on that retirement thing as well...and planning to celebrate by joining this cruise. Count me in.