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  1. Jaxg

    Raymarine I40 depth display problem

    The unit has worked flawlessly until today. I powered it on as usual and the display no longer is back lit and the screen is full of everything that I guess it can possibly display, it won’t change any of the display, The button are Unresponsive. I plan to call the manufacture but was hoping...
  2. Jaxg

    Navman 3100 -help-

    Just had my navman wind 3100 lcd fixed (beautiful work and crazy inexpensive prices. Indigo Electronis). But...I get no data. The b&g auto pilot will not even power up and the chart plotter cant ever acquire a gps coord (very old units). Does the wind indicator run through these other...
  3. Jaxg

    Security alarms

    I get the feeling this question has to have been asked and I searched briefly and could find no post addressing this. I’d like a simple alarm system that lets me know someone is screwing with my dingy, or very close to my vessel. I’m thinking bright LED light and a loud audible alert. It...
  4. Jaxg

    1980 h37c hot water heater install

    Where in the heck can I squeeze this thing in? The starboard lazaret os the only place that seems large enough to hold the 6gal unit. However with hot water heater on my breaker board I’d think that there is electrical sitting somewhere close to plumbing made for the install. I just can’t...
  5. Jaxg

    Rope to wire halyard rope length?

    Why do i have such long rope on these halyards (has to be 50+ ft) ? The boat is a 1980 hunter 37c. The only thing that makes any sense to me is if it were related to a spinnaker or they are there to help haul something heavy aboard. Im a new owner and still figuring out the intricacies of...
  6. Jaxg

    H37c mainsail needed

    I need a new (used) main for my 1980 37c. I’m not a racer, just want a cruising sail in good condition, any ideas or suggestions without spending $1000’s.
  7. Jaxg

    1980 37c galley help

    what are some good options for refrigeration ? I’m thinking of gutting the galley and starting over, microwave, toaster oven, but what about refrigeration? I plan to live aboard in a marina with shore power and spend time in the Caribbean, but will likely never need to cook while underway...
  8. Jaxg

    H37c generators

    what is a realistic (no major mods, no crazy money) way to use a generator while on the hook with my 1980 h37c. Thinking about one of the small Honda’s sitting in the cockpit at night or even hanging in a custom built box from the davits off the back. Talking river and flat water anchorages...
  9. Jaxg

    79 h37c soft deck spot by starboard cleat

    Just purchased a beautiful h37c only issue is as soft deck spot at the forward starboard cleat. It’s about 2ft by 2ft area. The cleat now wiggles, suggestions please