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    Mystery line (figured it out, thanks!)

    Hello, everyone. I have a line that runs around a single block (starboard stern) then forward through 3 sets of smaller blocks and wraps around the forestay at the deck. There's nothing attached to the line whatsoever. Anyone have any idea what it could be for? It's on an '82 C25 if that helps...
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    New to me needs some work (advice)

    I purchased a C25 today for $1400.00 USD with a running Suzuki outboard. She's been sitting in a slip for several years and had a bottom job ten years ago. The standing rigging LOOKS good but I'm more than likely going to have to replace all of the lines. All the cabin cushions are there but...
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    C25 cabin sole soft spots

    Hello, everyone. This is my first post here and my reason for creating an account. I have an opportunity to purchase a 1982 C25 for just over 1k USD. She is currently sitting in a slip. Purchasing the old girl gives me fist dibs on the slip which around here, fall slips are hard to come by. She...