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    Motor mounts 37.5 Hunter Yanmar 3 HM 35 F

    Can't answer your question directly but I had a 1987 28.5 with a Yanmar engine. As I recall the front and back mounts were different. To make it more confusing the back, maybe front, mounts were different. If memory serves me right that meant 3 different mounts. UGH! Hopefully, somebody can...
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    Cost to own CAtalina 30

    I hope this will help you out. Just a guide for cost of New Replacement for those major things which wear out. I have used Catalina Direct which is not the lowest cost but can give you some in formation. All costs assume you do the labor yourself. The condition of the boat would obviously...
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    Sailboat as 'investment"???

    Sounds like a Harley Davidson ad. Over 30K invested ,sell for 19K. :biggrin:
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    Mainsail slug replacement

    It is not that big a deal to sew slugs on with webbing. If you have full battens (no cars) I would suggest you use Allslip slugs at the end of the battens and the top the head. Get as long as available . Make raising the sail easier. You can also get webbing ,needles, and thread, sewing...
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    Best genoa for Catalina 30

    I would suggest a 135 for a Catalina 30. Given that the lower forward shrouds are so far forward, tacking a 150 would require increased effort with minimal gain. I ordered a 135 in 2019 for a standard rig. The dimensions were as as follows: RF Genoa, 135%, Offshore category Sail Area =...
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    Yachtworld ?? Good or Bad?

    The problem is not with Yachtworld. However, I do not like Yachtworld's new format which makes it more difficult to use. Like so many others, I have had issues with non responsive brokers. Many brokers are doing it part time (retirement hobby) or just not trained in the profession. If a boat is...
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    Loading a Catalina 30 MK11 trailer 1st time

    I'm pretty sure I know which boat you are talking about. There a number of boats that will be launching in the spring. I would contact the service department and arrange to have yours pulled then. The cost would be less since the crane costs are split between the boats.
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    Garmin striker 4

    I use a striker 4 on my boat. You can install it by placing it inside the hull and using silicone to keep it in place. You can find a good placement area by putting it in a plastic bag with water and see where it picks up the depth. Google and you can find other methods of ways to determine...
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    Should I replace my old Yanmar motor mounts with OEMs or a newer design?

    I replaced motor mounts that weren't original based on price. The noise and vibration increased. To make it more optimal is that Yanmar mounts ( on a 28.5 ) are different front to rear and as I recall maybe even based upon which side of the engine. My recollection is that the originals were...
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    Need Catalina 30 MK11 trailer

    The problem you may run into is this time of the year is boats are already being scheduled for pulling. This outfit have moved a Catalina 30. Also, Boat Sales, Boat Service, Transport | Spurgeon Yachts | United States
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    Lewmar folding wheel problem - Solved!

    Harbor Freight used to have similar ones
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    Beneteau Closing Marion SC Plant

    About a year ago, I read an article which related Beneteau was in a joint venture to build 2 carrier ships specifically designed to transport sailboats which could handle Beneteau' s size line up at the time. What was interesting, is that unlike most boat transporters, multiple boats were going...
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    Busted for trying to sneak into Canada

    I grew up in Buffalo and sailed out of Buffalo and the Canoe Club. Haven't been back since 911 but I crossed the Peace Bridge hundreds of times since we belonged to the Cherry Hill golf club. You could always tell when there was some kind of pissing contest going on by how fast you went through...
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    Marina Restrictions on Boat Use?

    Last year it was suggested by my financial advisor to raise my liability from 300K to 500K since as a lesee of the slip I could be held partly responsible for injury or whatever. I have Boat US and the annual increase was less than $5.00 for the year if I remeber correctly.
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    Recommend Auto Pilot for a 1989 30' Catalina tall rig with wing keel

    I have the EV100 on my Catalina and it does OK in lighter winds but in stronger winds it struggles. There really isn't room for a rudder reference without major modifications. It will interface with other instruments if that is what you need. If you want a more robust unit, several people...
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    Hunter 28.5 bilge question

    Not a false bilge but a grid system that can trap water since there are no limber holes. Water and other junk can gather there and end up in the bilge when the boat heels. If you look in the bilge you will see the gel coated ribs running cross beam. I would suggest that you vacuum any water out...
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    A sad time....

    Yes, it is sad to see how aging changes your life. With some it is physical and others the mental capacity deteriorates and even worse, some experience both . I feel fortunate that as I reach the 3/4 century mark, I can still function , although I am slowing down. I have a friend who sold his...
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    85 Oday 28 Main Sheet Traveler

    If you have a line control traveler I suggest one solution is a continuous long line running back to your pedestal. I have done this on my 30 Catalina and it works well for me. Probably use it more than the mainsheet. By the way I am several years ahead of you.
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    Replace Rivets or Tap and Screw?

    Stainless screws would work fine since it appears you are on a fresh water lake. By the way, Catalina used stainless screws on my 30, which is also a fresh water boat. If go the rivet route, you might as well go with monel rivets which are best with aluminum in any environment.
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    Snap Shackle rather than locking halyard shackles

    +1 for locking shackles on main and furling head sail. Wouldn't use a snap for going aloft. Maybe as a safety line but even then I tie a bowline.