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    Catalina Outhaul Mod

    Boom is very small diameter. No space for an internal system.
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    Catalina Outhaul Mod

    Don, Do you have suggestions for an outhaul if there is not enough space for blocks like yours between the end of the boom and the clew of the mainsail. I have a Balboa 26. thanks
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    Portlight Replacement Fail need suggestions

    I did 8' long 1/4 acrylic last spring. I used the thickest VHB tape I could find, 3M 4991 1/2" VHB. I put Dow 795 silicone as a fillet on the inside and outside of the window. It is good so far. The thicker tape allows more movement. I think the VHB has better adhesion than the silicone. Jim
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    Balboa 26 keel trunk cracked

    I also have a crack in the keel trunk of my Balboa 26. (see attached pdf) It has been getting worse of the last 4 years that I have owned the boat. I think it is caused by expanding rust from a carbon steel angle iron that is embedded in the upper front of the keel trunk. The keel is farther...