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    Rig tuning

    Trying to help a friend with a Catalina 22, wing keel... When tuning the rig to suggested starting tensions, as a rule of thumb, would one expect the suggestions to be with our without the boom hanging off the rig?
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    How do/would you do it?

    So, at my club here are both single weekend regattas, season long series, and single standalone races... There is debate about how to determine an overall season champ... The options being debated are: 1. Each regatta, series, or race counts as an "event", with equal weighting, 1 discard allowed...
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    Hand Holding Boat Hook as Whisker Pole Legal?

    Hi All- Our first race of the season is tomorrow, looks like it'll be a miserable drifter... a rules question, since I don't have a whisker pole yet (or a chute for that matter)… I've studies the RRS, and the Casebook, and the US Prescriptions, solicited opinions from "famous" racers, and at...
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    1998 Catalina 42 Mk2 Exhaust elbow

    Hi- In the process of buying a 1998 Catalina 42... survey is done, of the items brought up, the exhaust riser - mixing-elbow and hose to the muffler needs replacing... Yanmar 4JH2E... downloaded manual... the exhaust system shown in the manual is significantly different than what's on the...
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    Been meaning to post this for some time now... Our club did our annual Moondance race a couple weeks back... I forgot how lovely sailing at sunset could be... Actually sent the crew below to get a camera on one leg it was such a superb sunset... ShameSham hasnt sent me the pics to post... After...
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    Portsmouth classes

    Is it reasonable to use Portsmouth to handicap races between boats in different portsmouth classes against each other? Such as a Catalina 22 (offshore class) vs a flying Scot (centreboard class) or is this ill-conceived?
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    Protest flag setup.

    Hi all- I need to buy a protest flag for racing my O'Day 23... I often race with only 1 crew besides myself (the wife) and don't have a place for a flag on a staff, so I was thinking about this: My questions are: 1. Is this a reasonable...
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    New sail legal?

    My club normally races one designs... 5 races per yet are designated "all boat" races where the cruisers like me get involved... There are no formal NOR (besides a published schedule) or SI ... Otherwise RRS apply... I recently was gifted a sail from someone's excess inventory... I sail an...
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    O'Day 23 Foredeck Construction

    Hi All... planning a few spring projects here... bow cleats and pulpit are loose on the foredeck, which means they're leaking... so I'm thinking they come off, carve out the rotted wood, fill with glass, re-drill, rebed etc... maybe add backing plates (yes I've read the write-ups on how to do it...
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    O'Day 23 rudder tiller bolt location

    Hi all... on my '84 O'Day 23 the hole in the rudder for attaching the tiller has worn a bit and both enlarged and elongated... causing PO to put a few different band-aids in place, none of which actually work, and in some ways make things worse... but back to the point, it was not reliable to...
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    1984 O'Day 23... bottom construction under foxhole...

    Hi All- I recently purchased a 1984 (I'm told, not sure how to verify) O'Day23 ... I'd like to add a depth sounding transducer in the bow (either a standalone depth-sounder or to plug into a to-be-bought GPS chartplotter... The boat is in the water and I have neither the desire nor means to haul...