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    Hunter 23 gets a little water around the keel bolts.

    Just sharing a funny little memory from that photo. There was a time when I owned a 1988 Bronco II It went to the scrapyard. But the wheels shared the correct bolt pattern for the boat :)
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    Hunter 23 gets a little water around the keel bolts.

    There were only TEN?? Mine's been sold a few years but don't think I ever knew it was such a rare bird. I liked that swing keel.
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    Hunter 23 Keel Cracks...?

    My 23 had similar cracking and etc. I did some minor grinding and repaint, caulked the joint with 4200, torqued the keel bolts on the trailer, and it looked great for years. It's a pretty small keel w/ light loading all things considered, a pretty slow boat, and I saw it to inspect...
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    Baby stays Hunter 23

    It was a bit of a hack job, but I ran two eye bolts right through the deck on my old 23 in line with the back pivot pin. tangs on either side with 2 pop rivets and some u-bolted cable. If the mast was staying up a while, I'd undo the eye bolts and drop carriage bolts in the holes.
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    Hunter 23 Bimini

    My '23 had the bimini from this site (years ago!). I would personally get an old mainsail with foot cut at an angle, to fit a taller bimini. It was just 6" too low to really enjoy sailing with it deployed.
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    roller furler for Hunter 23

    It's up to you, but eliminating the furler (FF2) from my 23 was one of the better upgrades. Having the furled sail makes stepping/ unstepping the mast a chore; the FF2 is light duty and getting that sail rolled up if the wind picks up is a needlessly exciting chore, the sewn-on UV cover made...
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    Hunter 23.5 VANTAGE

    I can't get over seeing that boat, those little trailer wheels, and a sedan pulling it... Moving my H23 was a much different ordeal. (Though my 20 year old Ford did it admirably!)
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    Does my forestay need to be tightened

    There are plenty of B&R experts on here - I'm not one of them But in general, I think you'll find that you set the forestay length (subsequently, the mast rake), and then apply shroud tension On your boat, tensioning the shrouds is not necessarily straightforward; get someone who knows that...
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    Building a Boat or Die Trying

    My dad has invested probably north of $100k, plus $25k on the plot, building a cabin in upstate NY. It's been almost two decades, and in retirement with the amount of work left to do dwindling, guess what? He rarely goes - instead selling the first house he built (in PA), and moving to a 20's...
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    Keel questions

    I think you'll find this keel is quite well attached to the Hunter 23, for being only 2 foot draft. It looks like the keel was coated in fairing compound which had poor adhesion and is failing all over the place. At a minimum you'll want to scrape/ blast anything that isn't well...
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    Sailboat sinks at mooring Hamburg Cove, Lyme, Ct

    There's a new video posted by the video author. Sounds like there was a lot of activity prior to the sinking, including a fire department visit; owner being on site and advised to install additional pumps, owner not doing it, and boat finally sinking
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    Laser rust removal.....

    The $40 version is the brilliant one. Borrow images and footage, never ship anything, and keep the money for whoever forgets to dispute!
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    Laser rust removal.....

    It's a real device, and (probably?) is effective. But from snooping on the INTERNET, the system is closer to $400k and not $40...
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    Doing a Conversion from Diesel to Electric

    Kloud has a good point Running a 60 HP electric at 60 HP for many hours requires significant cooling of both motor, controller, and battery, using 000 conductors. It's a far more complex and far-reaching system than simply keeping the engine block of a 60hp diesel acceptable.
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    Doing a Conversion from Diesel to Electric

    I read somewhere, people are using BMW hybrid batteries. By some simple calculations, something like below would run a ~ 30 hp motor for 10 hours. Probably weighs 600+ lbs, without any drive train.
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    She's for sale!...and she's a basket case.

    Looks like a good start and compromise for the brave soul who was looking to build a 60 footer from scratch.
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    Furlers and trailering

    I must be doing it wrong. Converted my RF sail to hank-on by adding grommets and hanks to the luff. Put in a downhaul. the simplicity was worth it. Plus, I started using the original high-cut jib on windy days, and the 140 on light days. Not having to deal with that monster, partially...
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    Type of Tires for trailer? For hauling 1985 Hunter 23 .

    I picked up two tires for my H23 (almost) ready-to-go at Tractor supply. (Pulled into the lot with one tire going down and nearly flat) maybe $90 each but it was a few years ago. I say almost because they came preset at 30psi, I had a surprisingly hard time getting the store to inflate to 45...
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    Trailer for 88 hunter legend

    RS You have a 37 foot sailboat w/ 13 foot beam. A sufficient trailer is going to cost you thousands of dollars, and the total load will be about 20,000 lbs, not exactly pickup truck territory. Permits will be required and it's likely to be over-height or very close.