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  1. Merlin Clark

    PM function

    Hi Phil or whoever can answer, I no longer get the pop up when I hover my cursor over a posters user name, like to send a PM. Is this a problem with my computer? Thanks!
  2. Merlin Clark

    Charger needed for Standard 280s

    I need a charging cradle and charger for a Standard Horizon HX280s that I picked up at a yard sale. If your handheld has abandoned ship and you have a charger with no purpose in life please let me know what you want for it. Thanks, Merlin
  3. Merlin Clark

    Looks handy for working on seacocks

    while in the water. Wouldn't do any good for the flanged type though. I'd only use this while on the boat where I could keep watch and have everything I need before starting. I'm not connected to this company in any way.
  4. Merlin Clark

    Cleaning with oxalic acid

    Picked up a pretty dirty (stained), but in great shape, dinghy last weekend. Yesterday I finished removing the 32 year old striping and glue and gave her a scrub with "wood bleach". Mixed a heaping table spoon in a quart of hot (tap) water and applied with green 3m pad, scrubbing the real bad...
  5. Merlin Clark

    Outboard tiller extension

    Looks handy and a good price.|311|292323|314582&id=1501050
  6. Merlin Clark

    7 Aboard US Schooner Missing

    Hope they show up!
  7. Merlin Clark

    Easily recognizable anchor buoy

  8. Merlin Clark

    syntax error in store pages

    Don't know what a "syntax" is but was trying to steer a guy towards the SBO store for a boom vang and neither page for traditional vangs worked: Just thought I'd let you know and didn't see...
  9. Merlin Clark

    First deaf person to circumnavigate single handed

    I think this is very cool.;_ylt=AuWxaSnAsEFiZgV0b.SKxHHQtDMD edit, better link:
  10. Merlin Clark

    Ljungstrom Sail

    Anyone here ever use a Ljungstrom sail? How did it work out for you and what boat did you use it on? Was it a main or jib? There was a good article in second to last issue of Small Craft Advisory on a Ljungstrom jib on a WWP 19. The guy had made it out of Polytarp as a prototype and was liking...
  11. Merlin Clark

    RAKA epoxy

    Anyone else here used RAKA epoxy? What was your experience like? I have a kit, medium viscosity resin and non blushing hardener. The resin is very thick (I can't imagine thicker) and the hardener takes forever to kick! I coated some pieces of ply 7 hours ago and they are still tacky in 80+ heat...
  12. Merlin Clark

    Sears 10' Sailing Dinghy

    Just picked one up without rig or sail. Was wondering if anyone here had seen one and remembered what kind of rig it had originally. I'm leaning towards a sprit rig for it. I've got some light, yellow rip stop nylon and thinking of making the sail like the polytarp guys do it. edit: forgot the...
  13. Merlin Clark

    Brevard County Marine Flea Markets

    Marine flea market tomorrow, 9-4, at Melbourne (FL) Yacht Club and Citizen's for Florida's Waterways Flea Market, hosted by Harbortown Marina (Merritt Island), is next Saturday and Sunday. I'm not affiliated in any way (other than a shopper:)), just passing the word.
  14. Merlin Clark

    Key Buoy Saw one of these at a local retail and thought it was an outstanding invention! Make a good present for your favorite sailor too.
  15. Merlin Clark

    22 Venture

    Great price on 22, Treasure Coast CL. Not mine.
  16. Merlin Clark

    Home Built Swing Stove

    I thought this was cool. The stove isn't home built but the gimbal is. Wally World has the stove for $24. The lady used this in the Matt Layden design "Paradox" that she built.
  17. Merlin Clark

    Pocket Cruiser Porn

    for our sailing friends that are snowed in up North. Hope it warms up and melts soon.
  18. Merlin Clark

    Great collection of manuals

    I don't know who put this together but he or she did all of us a great service.
  19. Merlin Clark

    Fishing for Newbies

    Took a neighbor out for a couple hours today. He's late forties and never been sailing but wanted to for a long time. He had fun and I had fun plus I got to introduce our sport/passion/disfunction to another who has been dreaming of sailing and is already been beating up the craigslist ads. It...
  20. Merlin Clark

    New trailer winch design

    Good, new winch design Again, not connected to this company in any way.