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    V berth hatch on the cherubini hunter 36

    Hey, The hinge on my hatch above the vberth broke JUST as I was leaving the boat for the summer in Mexico. So I need to replace it - but I don't have any way to make measurements! I heard that Bomar lost all the jigs for these hatches in a fire - has anyone else replaced this hatch and if so...
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    Question for rardiH36 regarding inside Jib tracks

    So I remember reading a while ago that rardi was installing inside jib tracks to help point better but haven't heard from him in a while. I'm curious - did it work out? And did any other 36 owners do it? If so, did it increase pointing enough to be worth the hassle?
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    Does anyone know what the 36 was designed for?

    The 36' cherubini hunters seem to be a bit of an odd ball out of the whole series - only made for 2 years and they don't really seem to have a niche like the other models do (37' is a designed-for bluewater boat, the 25/27 designed to be great trailer sailers etc etc). It's lighter than the 37'...
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    New rudder stuffing box

    Has anyone else replaced their one? I searched but the latest post was from 10 years ago :\. I've contacted Buck Algonquin to see if they can make one (though the shaft is 2"3/8 and they don't list that size on their website), has anyone had any luck elsewhere?
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    Cherubini Hunter 36 rudder attachment

    Hi there, So on my 36, the rudder comes up through a fiberglass tube, through the stuffing box/quadrant, then through a bearing mounted on some plywood and then in a hole at the top of the stern My question is, is there a bearing missing from the top where it enters the top of the stern? On...
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    Anyone used the 'New-Style Double Reef Cam Conversion Kit for E-section: K-11443'

    Seen here New-Style Double Reef Cam Conversion Kit for E-section: K-11443 for E-Section Internal Gooseneck Assemblies Looking at moving reef lines from the cockpit back to the mast, which means cleating off at the boom again. But...
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    Improving pointing ability by sheeting inside shrouds

    Now I know Rardi was looking at this a while back but not sure if he ended up doing anything. On my 36, the genoa is sheeted to snatch blocks on the toe rail. I've a feeling this isn't letting me point that high, especially as I have a 115% and so it sheets to near where the beam is widest! I...
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    Hunter 36 propane cylinder

    The propane cylinder on my 36' is held in a specially made sealed recess in the deck. For this reason any spare cylinders have to be the same size. Does anyone know if that cylinder (6lbs) is a standard size? I am having trouble finding any. I found this...
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    New foresail size

    So I am finally getting new sails - the main is the original I think and therefore older than I am, and the foresail that came with the boat is definitely not the original - being way smaller than it should be and looks like the staysail off a 30 foot cutter. My question is - what size should I...
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    Rudder stuffing box packing size for a 36

    Hi all, I've repacked the damn stuffing box on the rudder 4 times, and it still leaks. At this point I think either the stuffing box itself is shot (and it does look like it eroded away at the top a bit) or I am using the wrong packing size (3/16"). Does anyone know what size packing to use on...
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    Bow chocks attachment

    Hi all, How are the bow chocks attached? Is there a metal backing plate inside the deck in that area? I am thinking about removing them and replacing with cleats, as I only have a samson post up there.
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    Installing midship cleats

    My Hunter 36 doesn't have midship cleats, and after a recent encounter with a dock I feel it would be a good idea to add them. How have other people done this?
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    Hunter 36 chainplate size

    Hi all, Replacing my chainplates and getting new ones made - just wondering if they are all the same size? I am going to do this one at a time without dropping the mast, so would be good to know if I can just take one chainplate to the metal shop and get them to bang me up 6 copies.
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    Hunter 36 owners - anyone else find the mainsail leech is too long?

    I am finding that when I have the mainsail centered, it rests on top of the dodger. Sailing in winter, I really don't want to take down the dodger, and the boom end rests way below head height if I do this. I think it's still the original sail, did anyone else have the sail recut to shorten the...
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    Rudder on a H36

    So my rudder stuffing box is leaking continuously, I've cinched it up all I can and it still leaks underway so I guess I need to repack the stuffing box. I also need to attach a tiller arm for the new autopilot I am putting in, which will require somehow getting a bit more space between the...
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    Traveler Upgrade for Hunter 36

    Cross posting from my blog, as I hope this may be helpful to someone else. I pretty much copied RardiH36's setup, kept the OEM traveler and car and just added blocks to it. Makes a big difference. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One...
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    2QM20 throttle

    Hey chaps Does the throttle on your 2QM20 'stay' forward all the way? If I push my forward in forward gear I can get to around 2500 RPM, but as soon as I release the lever it slips back physically to around 2000-2100 RPM. Is this normal? I sounds very comfortable at 2000 RPM but I was reading...
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    So, dumb question - whats my water tankage?

    I just realised I have no idea what my water tankage is. Standard factory tanks under each sofa, the broker originally said it was 110 gallons, but that's the only place I've seen that. What do the other 36 owners have down for tankage? Also interested in what the other Cherubini models have
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    Redoing the non-skid with kiwigrip

    It's finally time to tackle the topsides and non-skid. I am going to try to salvage the gelcoat on the smooth parts with an aggressive compound/polish/wax, but the non-skid is unbelievably grimy. I intend to paint over it with kiwigrip, but I was wondering - do I sand off all the moulded...
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    Taking in water while underway

    This is less alarming than the title may suggest, but when underway I seem to be taking on some water in the bilge. I can't replicate the effect while running the engine under load in dock, and it doesn't seem to be coming from the Keel boats, and in fact seems to be coming from the stern...