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    Navigating Barnegate Inlet

    I Have a boat, 25 Ericson which is kept at Mariners. My husband and I have sailed the bay for 2 summers. He is anxious to hit the ocean. I have never been through the inlet only heard scary stories as a kid. Can anyone give me some pointers. He said SUNDAY or we are done, :) Like following...
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    Ericson 25 Centerboard Plans/Drawings

    I need to have a CB built from scratch. I am looking for a diagram/schematic I can use, borrow, or buy. Or possibly come to aE25 with CB and make a template. I have a potential builder. I live in southern NJ, I can travel up to 8 hours. Thanks for any help.
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    Erickson Oyster Catcher 25 specs

    Im looking for help please. I have a 78 erickson, we bought last year. A boat that old is bound to have issues. We had center board issues and need to make a new one. I need the specs. Also I am looking for sail dimensions. Thanks.
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    Oyster Catcher 25 sail dimensions

    Eriksen 25 cb model last year I had 2 problems one was after freeing up the cb that had been frozen for a few years we lost it at sea. I'm looking for dimensions on that. I'm also trying to cut down a rkller furlinh jibb hat's too big. If anybody has the dimensions on it that would be awesome
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    Erickson 25, 1977 - Ready to buy, I have questions?

    My husband and I are are preparing to purchase the above boat. I am a little confused I see the center board weighs 2,000 or 2,500 pounds?? The boat weighs 6-7,000 pounds, ??? Curious what do you use to lift the centerboard? The centerboard in the boat has not been lowered ever since this...