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  1. Tom G P-21

    Honda 5hp vertical shaft came out while pulling water pump

    When I was pulling the lower unit the vertical shaft that goes from the water pump up to the engine head also dropped out. This wasn't mentioned in the directions I am following. Note this is a 2012 4 cycle. On the vertical shaft...
  2. Tom G P-21

    Adding Brakes to a Trailer, who has used Electric/Hydraulic?

    I am towing a Precision 21 with a Durango. The weight of the boat with trailer is approximately 2500 lbs. The axle is new and has the backing plates needed to add brakes. I've towed campers with surge brakes. Our current camper has electric brakes so I have a controller installed and like being...
  3. Tom G P-21

    Sabre Yachts stopping production of their sailboats

    I saw this on another forum and thought I would post it here. Sabre yachts on their sailboat page says that they are stopping production of sailboats for now. They will still support their customers. Also, the way the worded it, it sounds they "may" restart it in the future. For right now they...
  4. Tom G P-21

    Looking for a rudder for a Point Jude

    Looking for a rudder for a Point Jude 15 I am posting this for a friend who has a newer , 1990's, fiberglass Point Jude. He needs the kickup rudder for it. Similar to the one pictured here