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  1. kimelmore

    VHF went kaplooie

    Half way to Catalina from LA light the VHF stopped working. The Admiral sez : " you planned this didn't you?"...I had been talking about getting a new fixed mount with a remote at the helm as part of the upgrades. I SWEAR I DIDN'T PLAN THIS..... One of the topics discussed at the Catalina owners...
  2. kimelmore

    Winch Maintenance and Lubrication

    I finally got around to some deferred maintenance on my winches over the holiday weekend. I have owned the boat for one year and had no idea if the winches had ever received any care at all. Soooooo...guess what?...NOPE....NAH-DA....The grease had solidified into something resembling varnish. It...
  3. kimelmore

    Catalina Rendezvous in Two Harbors

    Is anyone else going to the Rendezvous in Two Harbors, Catalina on July 7 - 9th? I'm a newbie to these and have absolutely no one I know in the fleet. The Admiral and I will be going over Friday and staying thru Sunday on our 380.
  4. kimelmore

    Stuck Masthead Wind direction vane

    I am going up the mast Saturday to find out why my masthead unit got stuck in one position. The instructions say to lubricate every year. I doubt it has ever been done. The unit is an Autohelm unit (pre Raymarine). The unit is obviously stuck as it only shows the one direction ( about 140...
  5. kimelmore

    Outboard stand

    I used some scrap lumber I had around the garage to make this outboard stand. I thought I would share the photos. I made it tall enough to put a barrel beneath it for running and attached it with carriage bolts to the boarding stairs next to the boat.
  6. kimelmore

    Engine starting woes

    OK so I am getting ready to do the sea trials of the new electronics this weekend. Haven't started the boat in over a month. I turn on the engine electrical, turn the key and NUTTIN HONEY. This is the second time this has happened. The ground is new cable, the positive lead is new. The...
  7. kimelmore

    Catalina 380 Leaking Chain Plate

    As promised some photos of my leaking chain plate. It was the forward lower port side chain plate. I noted that water was collecting behind the settee in the salon on the port side in one of the compartments behind the cushions. I was curious so I started looking and found the chain plate...
  8. kimelmore

    Pass thru's for Antenna Cables etc...

    Anyone have any ideas about how to get cables thru the deck etc for electronics like radar etc. I've cruised the docks and various forums and I'm trying to get a good handle on how I want to run my new cables. Thanks in advance for any and all ideas no matter how crazy. Currently my GPS antenna...
  9. kimelmore

    Deck fitting leak

    Due to our recent heavy rains I found one of the compartments in my boat filling with water. After some investigation I determined the water leaking in under the deck fitting for the most forward chain plate...the water then traveled down the tie rod to fill up the compartment behind the back...
  10. kimelmore

    GPS antenna location

    Logic says that the best place for the new GPS antenna is on the rail not on top of the radar mast due to the swing of the boat while sailing. I'm inviting opinions.
  11. kimelmore

    Electronic package ground wire

    Hi Maine Sail I recently decided to upgrade my autopilot from a wheel pilot to a linear drive unit. As well I am installing chartplotter at the helm. My question is this: The installer requested a ground cable directly from my battery bank rather than from my newly installed ground terminal. Is...
  12. kimelmore

    Lewmar portlight trim

    I have searched high and low for a source to procure the inside window trim on the old style Lewmar opening ports that have 3 hinges not 2. Any ideas?...Lewmar no longer produces these trim pieces.
  13. kimelmore

    Electronics Upgrade

    I meet with the local Marine Electronics dealer tomorrow AM to pencil out the new Electronics. I'm going with Raymarine for a lot of reasons. I will be adding a linear actuator autopilot to replace the wheel pilot currently installed along with a new plotter and digital radar on a mast located...
  14. kimelmore

    Battery and Charger Installation

    Several weeks ago my charger quit. It was installed in the aft lazzerette and my feeling is that it got wet when I had a problem with the water inlet. Water and Electricity don't play well together. The other item of interest was that someone had moved one of the batteries from under the galley...
  15. kimelmore

    AWG 1 vs. AWG 1/0

    Just to warn some of you out there. I recently purchased a bunch of rather expensive terminal ends while moving my #2 house battery back to it's original location beneath the galley floor boards. I got them at WM and they were clearly marked 1/0. While trying to install them this morning I was...
  16. kimelmore

    Installing Hydraulic steering

    Our current new to us boat is a Catalina 380. It came with an older Autohelm autopilot mounted on the pedestal. It needs a lot of work and the display no longer is functioning properly. We are outfitting the boat and doing my due diligence research I find that although my boat weighs almost...
  17. kimelmore

    Saying Goodbye to an old friend

    My old boat went through haul-out and sea trial Friday. The new owner takes possession this week. I know all the old sayings about the two happiest days, however I've had this boat for 15 years and all the work has been a labor of love. I wish her well on her new journeys. She will reside in...
  18. kimelmore

    Sailboat rental in Hawaii

    The Admiral and I have decided to check off one of my bucket list items and visit Hawaii early next year. Besides visiting the USS Arizona Memorial and the Pacific Air Museum, we also wish to do some sailing, either in local waters or inter-island. I have looked on line but for some reason I...
  19. kimelmore

    Digital Radar Opinions

    I am currently shopping for a new digital radar for my Catalina 380. I have decided to place it on a pole on my starboard aft corner. We use the boat primarly in coastal waters and plan on trips to the Baja peninsula in the future. My query is this: Which radar/chartplotter would you recommend...
  20. kimelmore

    Thoughts and prayers for all our sailor friends on the Gulf Coast

    I just want to give a shout out to those in the Gulf who are affected by the floods. Hope things get better soon.