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    Cleats Ripped out of Fiberglass

    I have a 25' 1977 O'Day, cleats(2) ripped out of fiberglass in a storm in Dallas. I cannot place an "underneath" support, cannot get to that part of the boat. I have sanded and laid one layer of fiberglass kit down but am not comfortable than any number of fiberglass layers can allow a safe...
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    I cannot even spell electricity

    I have a 1977 O'Day and had several toggle switches break, for the running lights, etc. Not paying attention, I pulled out the fuses and now don't know what volts go in the fuse container for each toggle switch. I put in new toggle switches....yea! but don't know what volts for the fuses...
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    getting a new motor

    I hate my 9.9 Yamaha motor; it is so dam heavy how can I trade it in or sell it (it works well) and what motor should I buy for a 25' thanks