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    Race for Independence Win

    My B37, Grace, won the Race for Independence Regatta on the Rappahannock last weekend. We finished 1st in division in very light wind on Saturday and 3rd overall in Sunday's pursuit in moderate to heavy air which gave us 1st place for the regatta. I hope you Chesapeake sailors will consider...
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    Oceanis 37 PHRF

    Anyone know the number for the Oceanis 37 with RF main? Thanks
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    Gori or Flex-O-Fold

    Going to a folding prop for next season. I like the folders over the feathering for my purposes and these two seem to be the leading candidates based on my research. Most likely need a three blade for my sized boat and engine. Hearing forum members opinions and experiences on these (or other...
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    Boat Insurance

    I am shopping insurance for my Beneteau 37 for the first time in several years due to BoatUS' rather stiff premium increase this year they claim to be necessitated by all the Sandy losses. Got a really good quote from Markel represented by International Marine Insurance Services in Maryland...
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    AGM batteries

    For those 12 volt battery experts out there....I recently purchased a B37 with fairly new AGM batteries-both house and starting-my first experience with AGMs. In my prior boats with flooded batteries I kept the charger on 24/7 year around which served me well in terms of batteruy life. Is that...
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    Movin' on

    I want to thank the 310 forum members for all the great suggestions and advice over the past few years, both during the search and the time I've enjoyed my C310. We've really had a great time sailing her and cruising to some of those thousands of anchorages around the Bay. I'm buying a larger...
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    For the Chesapeake folks: anybody plannig to meet the tall ships parade from Norfolk to Baltimore on the 12th? Looks to be some sight with 30 tall ships plus modern naval vessels from all over. We're planning to sail south and sit outside the shipping channel off Stingray Point to meet them. If...
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    Beautiful day on the Bay

    Taken by a friend this Memorial Day weekend; we were somewhere off the Great Wicomico, Chesapeake Bay. No need for more words.
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    VHF repair

    I want to give a shout out to United Radio of Syracuse, NY. When I de-winterized this spring and fired up the Icom VHF it was stuck on full loud. The volume knob did not work at all. It's the original equipment on my '05 C310 so well out of warranty. Sent it to UR which is the Icom factory...
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    OB lift davit

    I'd appreciate hearing from those who have installed a lifting davit on their 310. I took the one from my old boat thinking it would be a routine install on my 310-no such luck-it will require some significant re-fabrication. So I am going to sell it and get one perhaps from Garhauer or Kato who...
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    Forestay adjustment

    How do I tighten the forestay with the Schaefer furler. I don't have the manual and don't see any obvious way to get to the stay or tension the furler? Is there a turnbuckle inside the tube below the sail slot extrusion?
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    Question on genoa lead adjuster

    As the 2nd seasoon with my 310 comes to a close I have determined that a genoa car adjuster would be a really welcome adition to foresail handling. I invite comments from those who have them particularly the Gurhauer EZ glide system with the cam cleat on the track. Secondly is the standard...
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    Battery Installation

    I'm replacing my OEM 4Ds after 7 years-5 with PO and 2 with me. One has failed and the other is probably not too far behind. I've settled on 2 pair of 6 volt, like the Trojan T105. My question is the size of cable to put the pair in series. The boat's battery cables are 1/0 guage. Do I need it...
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    Battery Qusetion

    The situation: I have a pair of OEM 4D house batteries devided into the two banks on my 2005 310-the builder's set up. The charger is the stock 20 amp Charles 5000 which is on all the time when not sailing or on the hook. The only constant draw is the fridge. I've noticed in the last few of...
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    Primarily a concern of those on the Mid Atlantic coast and looking like those in NY and NE but thoughts of all invited. What are your hurricane prep tips? I for one am in a pretty good hurricane hole off the western shore of the Chesapeake just south of the Potomac, Will keep Flyaway at the dock...
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    wet or dry

    As a relatively new Catalina owner (1+ year) I wanted to get the sage advice of the group on winter storage. With my old boat (1976 vintage built in Sweden), I put her on the hard in alternate years for the winter with the thinking that letting the hull dry out for several months would help...
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    Furling Line Cleat

    I'm sharing in case any other folks have the same experience with the 310 headsail furilng setup. With the factory cleat well forward of the helm it was a pain to furl and when the breeke was kicking up It seemed I was getting my hand all tied up in the cleat and line. I added this block and cam...
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    Looks like I've reglued the last open seam in my old zodiac and will be retiring it and getting a new inflatable. Looking at the choices out there: glued PVC (expensive) welded PVC (more expensive) and hypalon (most expensive), I will be trying to figure best value-cost/life expectancy. I'd like...
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    I am interested in the group's opinion on the backup starting battery solution using the set up described here: It looks like a simple, relatively low cost solution, but the backup battery is not dedicated to engine starting but is maintained basically...
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    I completed one of my winter boat projects last week and wanted to share. My old boat had companionway doors and I found the hatchboards to be a real pain for day to day living. I made thise doors from teak planed to about 7/8". They are screwed into the stainless rails with machine screws going...