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    Fantasia 35's on East Coast

    Hey! I know this is old, but I'm in Wilmington, NC with Elysium. It's an early hull, but not sure which. You out there?
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    Small Boat (20') Cabin Lighting

    Hello, What sort of lighting do you have in your trailerable or < 25' cabin? Installing a 12v system and would like to know how much light is enough. Would 2 LED dome lights work? LED would be preferable to incandescent or fluorescent. Thanks.
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    Nav Lights for a trailerable with deck-stepped mast.

    Can I get a few descriptions of how folks have configured nav lights for their small boat? I plan on a bi-color (Attwood LED), stern(LED), top-of-mast anchor (Davis Mega-light), and something for a masthead (Perko is what I've found) for my 20'. My goal is minimal power draw since it will be...
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    Finishing Fir Plywood

    Whew! Unfortunately, I already got the fir. But - fortunately (!!), it's a small cabin, mostly form-molded fiberglass, and the shapes that I am pattern routing are for small stowage covers that live under cushions (which maybe changes the whole focus of this forum), or the wood is for small...
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    Finishing Fir Plywood

    Hello, this is a repeat post from another, more specific forum... hope I'm not breaking any rules. If so, sorry. Anyway... I'm replacing all of the plywood bulkheads, covers, etc. in my '83 20' cabin with marine grade fir plywood. The look of the plywood is pretty unappealing as far as wood...
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    Finishing Fir Plywood

    Hello, I'm replacing all of the plywood bulkheads, covers, etc. in my '83 20' cabin with marine grade fir plywood. The look of the plywood is pretty unappealing as far as wood goes, but I don't wanna just paint it all over, and bad-looking wood never really looks that bad anyway. If you've...
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    Replacement Cabin Cushions

    Thanks, ...excellent info. Kidd, I might contact you anyway for general '83 20' info, if I may.
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    Cabin Table Mod Router bit

    What do you mean? You need a bit to rout rubber or to cut a bead along the table perimeter that will hold molding?
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    Replacement Cabin Cushions

    Does anyone have an older Hunter who might know where to find info or designs for the original cabin cushion layout? Several of my cushions are missing; and I can't get a reply from Hunter for my '83 20'. Thanks
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    Bottom Paint for a Trailerable

    Glad to hear.... ...about Tho I can't make it to Lake Gaston, I'll keep an eye on the calendar for events! Derelicte
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    Bottom Paint for a Trailerable

    Final answer... Yeah - Wilmington, NC. I also just talked to someone (a marine chemist) who told me that the copper dust from the dry paint on land can contaminate all sorts of things (including people)... and that many marinas don't even do the painting around here b/c they don't wanna be...
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    Bottom Paint for a Trailerable

    If my 20' will be going in/out of salt water only a few times a year, and only 3 days at a time max., is bottom anti-foul paint necessary? Thanks
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    Topside grip-tape

    Hi all...again. I'm having excellent success using advice from all of you while bringing my '83 20' back up to par. Here's a brainstorm that I'm sure not to have been the first to consider: Is there any strong argument AGAINST using skateboard-type griptape as a nonskid substitute? My boat...
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    Injecting resin...

    Thanks, syringe works well. I got a 60ml syringe, thickened up some resin w/ fumed silica and the sucker is tight as new and no leaks. Thanks for the tips. BTW - the syringe is also very good for filling in old drill holes.
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    Injecting resin...

    Hi All, I don't have much experience yet with fiberglass and gelcoat repairs, so advice would be very helpful. I'm just wondering if I can get a few opinions regarding methods for getting resin (in some form, e.g. body filler, putty, etc.) into a deep, narrow cavity. Just jamming it in with...
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    Bow Rails

    Can anyone suggest a good source for simple bow rails for an older Hunter 20? Will I need to have one made? Any ideas on cost? I'm in SE North Carolina Thanks in advance.
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    Towing and Putting-In w/ a small truck

    Hey all: I've recently purchased an older Hunter 20, that probably weighs around 2000-2200 lbs unloaded. I have a pretty small truck and am curious about possible towing configurations to avoid having to get a bigger vehicle: Has anyone ever dealt with using a bumper mounted winch to pull the...