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    Mainsail gathering brackets.

    I just saw a boat with 4 retractable Levers(?) 2 on each side of the boom that swung up to form a V which gathered in the sail. I remember seeing them advertised years ago and am wondering if they are still available. Just curious if they are still available and what they cost. Not sure if they...
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    Air conditioner drip solution

    I have a dry bilge except when running the air conditioner. The drip tube in the bilge runs perpendicular to the water return hose which exits out the transom . The water return hose is 5/8" and the drip hose is 1/4". I was thinking about putting a T on the return hose and connecting the drip...
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    New Tax bills, Game changer?

    In reading the various tax proposals, it appears there is an effort to eliminate interest deductions for 2nd residences. If this passes, then no doubt it will affect boats , RVs and of course condos. This deduction is hyped to encourage potential buyers to break out their wallets. There is also...
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    ASA courses

    I am thinking of chartering a monohull next winter. The last time I chartered was in the 70's. I have never taken an ASA course but have over 45 years of sailing experience. If I was to take an ASA course, at what level could I start at without being bored. Do all charter operations require ASA...
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    EVO 100 Calibration

    I am having trouble getting the unit to track well under sail and the autopilot is erratic. If you have had success could you provide the values for the following Tack angle degree Hard over time Pilot...
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    Shaft/ packing size

    Haven't been able to find an answer through search function. Does anyone know what size shaft packing/flax to use on a 1988 Cat 30 with the 29XP engine? Thanks
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    Intl. Catalina 30 Assoc.

    Just got my renewal notice. Joined last year and aside from the Mainsheet, there does not appear to be any benefit. The web page has not changed in the last year, including the member roster which still lists the prior owner instead of myself. Anybody else belong and if so to what advantage? Is...
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    AGM battery

    My new boat to me came with 2 AGM batteries which are 5-6 years old. Have not had any issues with them but they were always on a charger till now. For now I have left them on the boat and plan on charging them about once a month over the winter. Will these survive a winter under these...
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    Steering ratio

    Last year I bought a 1988 30 which was in exceptional shape. The one thing that bothers me about this boat is the steering. To me it is vague which contributes to over steering. My previous boat, a Hunter 28.5, was much more responsive and I really liked the handling. I know that the Catalina...
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    After reading a thread on anchor tests by Practical Sailor, I was reminded why I don't buy sailing magazines anymore. While I appreciate the work done by Practical Sailor, it still amazes me that a magazine like needs to exist. They have certainly filled a void left by U.S. magazines. I used to...
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    Water lift muffler

    My muffler has a leak from the pipe which goes to the exhaust manifold. After researching the issue, it would appear that trying to fix the problem is often a futile effort and replacing the muffler and using a hump hose is recommended. Looking at Catalina Direct they have the muffler but there...
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    AC power problem

    I have found that when I unplug my power cord and plug it back in when returning to the dock, the main AC breaker flips off. I have a separate cord and breaker for my air conditioner and it does not suffer from the same problem. I am a real Luddite when it comes to things electrical and am...
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    Catalina warning

    Did a Google search for Catalina Yachts and there was a warning about the site being unsafe. Also come up when going to Catalina site directly. Anybody ware of what the isue is?