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    Case of 5-foot-itus

    Hey all! It'll be going on 3 years since I sold my 85 H23 that I owned for 6, and while it was the right thing to do at the time (graduated from college, moved from the great lakes area to Philadelphia, the boat was being ignored) I'm getting settled into "grown up" life and the itch for some...
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    Graduating to "Big Boat"

    Greetings all, I've been around here for a while, and had some great times with my Hunter 23 during college and shortly after, but things like adulthood, buying a house, and getting all my sh%t out of my dad's backyard took precedence. I sold my Hunter 23 last year, sight unseen (even paid me...
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    Goodbye, H23

    I know I haven't been very active lately, but some of you might remember me. In any case, I figured I'd make a post that my Hunter 23 has moved on, and now in the hands of a good fellow named Juan in the Catskill Mountains. It's been quite the adventure, considering when I bought this boat...
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    Attn Daniel Lewis / H23 Cutter

    Hey Daniel, I'm (And, I'm sure, others) really curious about that cutter rig of yours. How does the boat perform? Details on the bowsprit? Etc etc. Talk to us!
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    Tandem Time!

    Well - it's on it's way. One brand spanking new axle, 3 sets of spring hangers, equalizer bars, 4 new leaf spring packs. Next week it's time to start grinding and welding! I decided it was time to make my trailer a dual axle. I expect much improved towing and maybe it will stop leaving 6"...
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    Losing old post info

    Hey Phil, Just browsing around, it seems like a lot of posts have had links / photos stripped from them. Is this on purpose?
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    I know there are a couple 26/260 expert on here: Please take a look at this ad. A 1999 hunter 260 with an inboard diesel and apparently a fixed keel? Did hunter make this?!?
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    26.5 and trailers

    Hey all, has anyone out there had a trailer for their 26.5? If so, can you launch form a ramp? It seems like it shouldn't be too hard to do, but I figured i'd ask. -Brian
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    Hunter 23 Regatta

    So (sadly, a little late) I have discover that the Indian Lake Hunter 23 regatta (something you read a lot about in the archives), still exists!! It was just last weekend, with the first start on August 23. I wasn't there..but I wish I was. I know there's tons of 23 owners on here - who...
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    Cruising, Sails, and UV

    So, I was thinking the other day about Uv protection for my sails. I converted my furling sail to hank-on, and removed the dysfunctional furler. There's no reason for me to keep the sunbrella cover on it (unless i were to go back) - but that's not the point of my post. Most of us here have a...
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    Recessed bulkhead compass??

    Hi all, I'm looking for a compass. I had one, and it was nice, but it is no more. You see, it was one of those bulkhead compasses with the globe that sticks out. My mainsheet traveler is along the companionway. On summer eve, I gybed. Nothing crazy, but the mainsheet walloped my globe and...
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    Spin pole ends

    So, i'm working on a cedar spinnaker pole - i bought a nice 1"x4"x10' board, ripped it down the center, and glued it up as a 2x2. Here's what i'm planning on doing for ends: using common slide bolt door locks, flipping the little knob around and putting a little plastic bushing around the...
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    After 27 hours of no sleep, hours of thick fog, having my outhaul blow out in a thunderstorm, chainging mainsails in said thunderstorm, hours and hours of painfully light winds, and more headsail changes and reef / shake outs than I care to remember, my father and I have returned from the Scotch...
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    so, in the process of encapsulating some high quality marine okume with resin...I didn't add enough hardener. what do I do with my sticky wood?
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    Bye Bye CDI

    Well, earlier this spring, I took the boat for a short romp around Rock Hall, MD, and had tons of fun (even though it was really cold). I also got to try out my awesome new swageless fittings, which worked really well (I didn't assemble the new forestay until I had the mast up with the jib...
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    23 spin halyard

    Has anyone added a spinnaker halyard to their 23? Most likely it would be external, I am thinking masthead, because the boat does have a backstay. any issue with the side shords terminating about 18" below the masthead, and having the spin halyard going all the way up?
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    Offshore Racing

    Hi all, Ive recently found out about an anual race that happens up here in rochester, NY, called the Scotch Bonnet. It's ~ 75 nm, across Lake Ontario and back north to south. I don't have a lot of racing experience besides 420's with the college team, but I'll regularly sail my 23 5-10 miles...
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    skid plate?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of some simple repairs to the keel of a small dinghy - it's worn a hole into it through dragging aroun / etc. I ground it out, put 2 layers of cloth, a thin layer of matt, and then another cloth layer. I'm going to set this all set up, but i'm envisioning for my next...
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    Kayak keel guard

    Does anyone have a fiberglass kayak? I'm looking for some sort of material to put on my keel - it seems like I keep having to put extra glass down from dragging it around, and havent really come across a good alternative? Duct tape?
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    Forestay Chainplate

    While the specific question is for a hunter 23, I'd appriciate input from other siilar sized boats. Does anyone know how the foreward chainplate is fixed to the hull? I noticed that, when there is no tension on the plate, it is very sloppy (not rigidly fixed to the hull) All I have is a...