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    Rub Rail End Cap

    These are not available any more. Other than replicating it at a machine shop, any ideas?
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    Cabin Sole

    What product would I use to get rid of these spots on my cabin sole?
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    Oil Pressure/Temp Alarm

    Is there any other place other than CD where I can purchase the oil pressure/high temperature alarm? Mine is starting to sound pretty sick. They want $28 btw.
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    Aft Compartment Cabin Light

    OK here’s the mystery of the week ... Rear compartment cabin light does not work. Same fixture as the ones in the head. Good voltage to the prongs and the switch works properly. Tried using the working bulbs from the head and none of them light up. Seems very strange no?
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    Coolant in Engine Pan

    I have noticed (as did the previous owner) an occasional small amount of coolant in the engine pan area after engine run. My rig is equipped with a recovery tank so no overflow. I removed the HX and had it cleaned/pressure tested OK. Inspected and replaced all engine hoses, even though no...
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    Fuel Pump Filter?

    I found an 80 micron fuel filter rolling around the engine pan after I purchased my 310. There is also a new one in the Universal spare parts kit. There is a SB regarding this filter as well, mostly driven from the pump manufacturers I understand. I have a Racor primary and Universal secondary...
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    Raymarine EV-1 Sensor Location

    Previous owner replaced the original autopilot with the new Raymarine Ev- 100. BOE Marine in Maryland did the install and they mounted the EV-1 (heading) sensor just inboard of the Waste Tank discharge valve on the aft side of the bulkhead. It is within 1' of the engine/transmission. Specs...
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    Transmission Neutral Detent

    The neutral detent seems harder to find than it should. Sometimes resulting in starting in gear or uncommanded Forward/Reverse when undocking/docking. Is this common? Cable adjustment perhaps? Sean
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    Holding Tank Troubleshooting

    The holding tank seemed to empty ok using pump-out station. Using macerator pump offshore we couldn't seem to empty the tank at all even though we hear the pump running and all valves verified in proper position. I'd like to check/clean the vent hose first before tackling the impeller. I see...
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    Fuel Lift Pump

    Fuel Lift Pump does not come on with ignition switch. It should come on prior to starting correct? My ignition switch has three detents, OFF ON (sounds buzzer) Momentary ON? Not sure what this does? Glow Plugs? Just replaced Oil Pressure Switch due to failure. 10A CB located in instrument...
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    Cracked Muffler

    This original 2007 muffler has less than 400 hours on it. It was weeping water just above the mounting screw. After sanding the area, I found this hairline crack. Repaired yesterday with Marine-Tex and will test this weekend. Has anybody seen this before?