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    Hunter 306 sailboat needs a rubber plug for the gear shift/throttle

    The gear shift/throttle is mounted on a Lewmar pedestal. The missing rubber plug prevents a pin from falling out. I must depress the pin to shift into neutral, forward, or backwards. Where can I get a replacement plug?
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    Warped Windows

    I have a 2004 Hunter 306 sailboat. The two smoked-glass windows have warped outward, breaking the seal and allowing water into the cabin. This is probably due to the sun's heat. What can I do? Replace the windows? Add lots more sealant? Has anyone else had this problem. Thanks! Dan...
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    Installing cam cleats

    Thanks, Steve. I appreciate that. Dan
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    Installing cam cleats

    Guys, I have a 2004 Hunter 306, which I often sail alone. I hate the cleats for my jib, because I have to leave the helm to reset them. I want to replace them with cam cleats, which I liked on my last boat. I've never replaced any deck hardware. Any suggestions? Do I have to remove the...
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    Depth Gauge Offset

    I just bought a 2005 shoal-draft Hunter 306. I want to calibrate the depth gauge to read water under my keel. I know that the draft is 3'11", but the transducer is already at the bottom of the hull. So, what's the added depth from the hull bottom to the keel bottom? Thanks!