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    Checking cooling water flow

    The usual test for ok cooling water flow on an inboard is a quick look over the stern. Unfortunately, the cooling water outlet on my Hunter 326 is below or at the water line and under the stern, so that there is lots of gurgling and splashing going on with the seacock open or closed! :( The...
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    H326 Boom Bag blues

    How on earth are you to unzip/zip up the boom bag at the arch end of the boom, from within the cockpit. The zipper has a string attached but that's not much good as the tail of the zipped sides are not restrained. I'm not that short and I struggle while on tippy toe from the helmsman position...
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    How to bleed the water heater heat exchanger on 2003 H326

    Have replaced engine coolant in H326 and every thing seems ok engine wise. Pretty sure that the potable water heater is not working though and am aware of a bleed screw on the water return? pipe near the engine. I have no idea what and when to do anything with it though! I did unscrew it all the...
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    H326 HIN

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me where the HIN number will be found on the Hunter 326? - it's not on the stern as far as I can see! Thanks, Stuart
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    H326 mast un-stepping

    Need to un-step the mast for new standing rigging. Anyone know if the mast is attached to the foot on the cabin top and the boot has to be unbolted, or does it just sit on the foot and is lifted off when un-stepping? Cheers from down under!
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    H326 Standing Rigging fittings

    Any one like to hazard a guess on what brand Hunter Marine was using for the standard B+H rig fittings on my 2003 Hunter 326. It is important to match the new T-Terminal and Shroud terminals to the existing back plates on the mast. As the new terminals will probably be sourced from the USA, I am...
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    Standing rigging kits

    Hi guys, Is anyone aware of suppliers of Standing Rigging kits for my standard 2003 Hunter 326 (non furling) mast? There are some unusual fitting required such as T Terminals, Stud to T Turnbuckles etc. which I suspect Australian Riggers may have trouble sourcing! Thanks, Stuart
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    H326 Arch Cover

    I'd like to remove the S/S panel under the arch to get access to speakers etc, and to run cables from my solar panels. I can see about 6 round head screws in the cover, only one of which I can turn. Are these the screws I need to remove? Thanks guys
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    Head waste water inlet valve on 326

    Hey guys, new Aussie owner on 2003 Hunter 326. Cannot find this valve! Manual indicates that it's below the Nav table end of the battery compartment but I can't see it! Surely I don't have to remove a battery to get access! Help needed