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    Flattening The Main Sail

    Just wondering about how to quickly and easily, really flatten the main on a non-bending mast to de-power. Would a wire sewn into the sail in an appropriate curve near the luff from headboard to cunningham cringle do the job? Has anybody seen or used such a contraption? I'm thinking of the...
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    Sail trim book question

    Mr. Guillette, I very much admire your book “The Sail Trim Users Guide” for it's organization and clarity of presentation. And while I have agonized for some time as to whether or not to post this question, I feel the book deserves every clarification possible. You can see I'm having a...
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    Telescoping Spinnaker Pole

    My Forespar telescoping control-line spinnaker pole needs a new control (extension/contraction) line. The inboard end has a cleat for the line and is fastened with a machine screw and a rivet, suggesting a disassembly point. However, there are other rivets fixing the end fitting to the tube as...
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    Mainsail Luff Line?

    Your "Sail Trim Users Guide" talks about bending the mast to depower the main. My O'Day 25 ('76) mast is as stiff as a board with no way to bend it. What are your thoughts on installing a curved sleeve attached to the main's luff area containing a no-stretch line between the headboard and...
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    Rudder Flutter Cure?

    The rudder flutter under power at hull speed is quite annoying. The boat is a 1976 O'Day 25 CB and a cure would be most welcome. Thanks a bunch, George
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    User Friendly Sail Trim Control

    I'm trying to do a better job of shaping the sails on an O'Day 25, Ctr/Brd, with the help of Don Guillette's charts. I'm also just a bit lazy when it comes to dealing with unhandy controls and my crew is just about as old as I am, thus not so agile in jumping up to the mast to tweek the outhaul...
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    Notical Spell Checker?

    Would a Nautical Spell Checker be a practical/useful addition for these forums? Spell checkers I've used come up short on many of the terms we use in these postings. Just a thought, Geohan
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    Rudy's R&D Marine?

    Which of the many R&D Marines Googled is Rudy's? Thanks, Geohan
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    Outboard to Battery disconnect?

    The most direct answer that I can get from dealers and repair shops, is vague. The question is: Can a 1990, 9.9Hp Mercury electric start outboard be run without being connected to the battery and without harm to it's alternator? Secondly, Why does loss of the battery connection 'blow the...
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    O'Day 25 Cabin top core material

    I'm planning to install a Dickinson solid fuel heater in our 1976 O'Day 25. This requires a 5 inch diameter hole through the cabin top for the 3 inch flue. The hole location would be just abaft the mast and just to port of center. My question is what is the core material and any preferred...
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    O'Day 25 Rudder Sketch

    FWIW, attached is a dimensioned sketch of my rudder. I'm trying to solve the problem of the rudder having a greater draft than the stub keel. The store-bought rudder hinge fixture at $800 more or less is attractive but out of the question. The simplest fix I've come up with so far is to just...
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    Boat Trailer Design

    I got to thinking. Now my head hurts! Seriously though, why support the boat on a trailer with the keel when the boat is in its element, the keel is suspended from the hull? I've seen "oil canning" of a flat bottom, fin keel glass boat when the total weight is on the keel. That can't be...
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    Fuel Locker for O'Day 25 (1976)

    It's my understanding that later models of the O'Day 25 have a fuel locker under the stbd seat in the cockpit. I'd sure appreciate a description and or a picture. Also if anyone has post fitted such a locker could you give me an idea of what was involved, problems and/or surprises you had to...
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    Companion Hatch Cover

    Hi All Can the sliding companion hatch cover be removed without removing the rails/slides on an O'Day 25? I just hate to disturb nonleaking caulking. Thanks much, Geohan
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    Wire to rope line identification

    With our O'Day 25 (1976) came a matched pair of wire to rope lines. I haven't a clue as to their purpose. The 3/32" wire portion is 7'-10" long and the 3/8" rope portion is 5'-10" long. The wire is too long for a useful centerboard pendant in my opinion. The rigging on the boat all seems...
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    Forum paging

    I'm having trouble bringing up successive pages of posts from the present to earlier. The present page presents, then the next page selection jumps back to May 13 and I can't fill the gap. Is it me or you? Geohan
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    Merc 9.9 starting amp draw

    Hi all, can any one tell me how may amps the 9.9 Merc outboard draws when cranking for start up. I'm thinking of installing a +/- ampmeter and would like to know what the ampmeter range needs to be. Thanks a bunch, Geohan
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    Rudder Question

    The rudder on our ODay 25 has a draft 7" greater than the stub keel, board up. We are tide-bound in our moorage and require a 8'+ tide to clear the entrance bar. My worry is clearing the bar with the keel only to snag the rudder and maybe tear out the lower gudgen or pintle. From my reading...
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    Bottom sanding made easier

    Reading posts about bottom sanding brought to mind a tip that has worked for us. My wife and I hand sanded the bottom of a 30 foot keel boat in preparation for barrier coating in about 5 hours. We used a 3 foot stick with a square end (to grip a rubber sanding pad) along with forked sticks of...
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    Electric start Merc has alternator?

    Can anyone tell me if a 10 year old Merc 9.9, 2-cycle with an electric start has an alternator as standard equipment? The starting motor has what looks like a 'bendix' which engages only when getting power and then disengages when the engine starts. Nothing else looks like an alternator to me...