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    ‘81 Yamaha 30 Stuffing Box

    I've got essentially the same stuffing box on my Yamaha 26 and I used it with one of the fancy new PTFE and graphite packings. Works great.. It is a fairy to replace the packing in it as several others stated. I will add 3 additional comments: 1. If you haven't replaced one before or at least...
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    Y26 rig tuning advice

    Thanks Syntonos. The big difference between the Y25 and the Y26 is that the 25 is a masthead while the 26 ifs a fractional rig. Thus, on the 25, headstay tension is primarily controlled by the backstay while on the 26, its the shrouds and the sweptback spreaders which put the initial load into...
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    Y26 rig tuning advice

    Thanks guys. Kamp, I am not too worried about the hull strength as this little Yamaha seems to be built much more solidly than most similar boats its size. I am much more concern about improving performance. That said, I don't just want to tighten things up willy-nilly and risky a failure...
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    Y26 rig tuning advice

    I was hoping to get some feedback/advice regarding tuning the standing rigging on a Y-26 tall rig (fractional). The original Yamaha manual specifies a method for stepping the mast and then tensioning the shrouds but they do not give either the recommended tensions or the percent of breaking...
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    Hull ID number on Yamaha 26

    Does anyone know where the interior Hull Identification Number is on a Yamaha 6 (or if there is even one)? Thanks.