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    Hunter 25.5 depth sounder and bilge pump

    Have been searching the forums for information on placing depth sounder transducer for 86 Hunter 25.5, and the best place to put a bilge pump and where to route the outflow. Any help would be appreciated. I can't believe no one installed a bilge pump yet. Thank you, Mark
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    Hunter 25.5 bilge pump and depth sounder placement

    any suggestions on placement of bilge pump and transducer for depth sounder. Thanks
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    Hunter 25.5 pop up question

    Just bought sweet but neglected Hunter 25.5 1986, have question about the pop up feature of the cabin top. Wonderful feature, but really heavy for one person to lift, and how is it locked into place? I can see it crashing down and taking finger with it. Any advice would be appreciated. mark