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    What is this?

    Saw this today as I was removing my batteries. The center is a negative cable, but the other terminals are positive cables.
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    Leaking Muffler

    Dear Diary: (scroll to TL;DR to skip the story) I first started the engine (13HP 2GM) once this year, for about 3 seconds, in early August. I decided to start the engine this weekend. I filled up a five gallon bucket with water in the cockpit and ran a hose down to the raw water intake hose and...
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    What would you change in this plan? (fiberglass part of a rotten core job)

    Last weekend I finished getting the rotten plywood core out of the section I am working on. While there is more to remove forward of this work area, I am limiting this job to just the area 2 foot forward and 2 foot aft of the port chain plates. This area is an "A" issue on my survey. The...
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    How to remove rusted strut bolts ('81 33)

    I was looking at the propeller shaft strut bolts underneath the cockpit and they are extremely rusty. An angle grinder won't fit in the area. Anyone have any ideas how I can remove these? Best regards, Rick
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    Hunter 33, started some work

    Today I didn't get much work done, I was selling my old Venture 17 and that took forever! I didn't get to the Marina till 4:30 and it was still 87 degrees. I only got about a good hour of work done but I ground down the bronze through hull for the black water tank. Man is it a good thing I...
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    Hunter 33 Reefing line boom internals

    The PO never had a reefing line running through the boom. I'd like run a line through and I'd like to know what I'm up against. First of all, is it possible to run a reefing line without an existing line and without opening the boom ends? Next, if I open the ends what should I expect? Should I...
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    Will 3/8" Sta-Set X be a good replacement?

    It looks like the previous owner used 3-Strand Safety line in either 1/2" or 7/16". Do you think 3/8" Sta-Set X will make good halyards on my 81 Hunter 33?
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    Looking for '80's Hunter 33 Traveler Pin Stops

    I need to find the original traveler pin stops for a 1981 Hunter 33 (Cherubini). I need both.
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    Hunter 33 Traveler Stops

    Searching the forum, I found that I am missing the traveler stops. What I mean is what's marked in the attached picture. Is there any place I can by replacements or substitutes?
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    Hunter 33 Bilge hose setup

    Look at the plumbing diagram it's hard to make out what's what. From the bilge to the stairs is a 3/4" hose. At the stairs it makes a sharp turn and I think it stays 3/4". How is it making the turn here? Is it an elbow or is it a bend in the hose which could kink? There is the shower bilge...
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    Submitting Coast Guard Documentation Applications

    I found out today that you can email (or fax) applications to the coast guard. Documents may be mailed or faxed to the NVDC using the information on page one (1) or sent via e-mail to: Attached is the instructions for to EXCHANGE where I found this.
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    Long time lurker :)

    After a few years of being a member, I've bought my first Hunter. 1981 Hunter 33 Attached are a few pictures I took over the past day or so. Already removed the old name and painted over the transom. What are the numbers in the quarter berth? It's not a hull number is it? There's a hull...
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    Motorboats Prohibited

    Over the holiday, I went to the Manatee Conservation Center in Fort Pierce, FL. There was a group of manatees that we got to see, and they were in and around the docks at the Fort Pierce Municipal Marina. I was interested in the marina so I did some research and looked on navionics. What...
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    1984 Hunter 31 concern

    I went and looked at a Hunter 31 today and for the most part - everything looks to be in serviceable condition and well cared for. But I did come across one thing that has me scratching my head. Both chainplate tie-rods. I was able to wiggle them at the bottom - both fore and aft. I'm not...