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    Overhead Plugs for Topside Handrail Nuts

    This question comes up periodically check out this post from 2004.... Hopefully Lowes and Home Depot still carry.
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    Unstepping an O'Day 25 Quick help needed

    Nevada Mike .... Another note of caution ... regardless of which way you lower/raise the mast always keep an eye on the turnbuckles on the upper and lower shrouds ... These are typically loosened but not removed and they need to be aligned as the mast is raised so they do not bend. Lots of...
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    oday 23 mast wirring

    Another option is to run the wires from the panel under the port bunk and then, on the forward side of the bulkhead which has the chain plates to the through the hole in the deck. That's how mine are routed and it saves having wires visible in the main cabin. I like to keep my wires hidden...
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    Oday 23 rope sheaves

    Interesting --- please post pics as you do that. I have not taken anything apart up there and would appreciate your comments on the challenges.
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    Mooring painter

    All great suggestions about mooring pendant dia but you might also check the requirements for your harbour. Many towns, via the harbourmasters office, have recommendations/requirements for mooring sizes and lengths. This is to ensure that boats swing appropriately and also for safety. I'm in...
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    Anyone replaced stanchions on an O'day 23? Advice needed

    Thanks to all for the comments, they are appreciated. Before I posted I did try and feel along the cabin top but did not feel anything. Will take a more careful look next time I'm on the boat. This is not an emergency repair just something I'd like to take care of maybe over the winter . I...
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    Anyone replaced stanchions on an O'day 23? Advice needed

    Notice that one of my stanchions has a crack near the base so I want to replace. I looked at the 4 mounting bolts and ???? I do not see any nuts on the inside of the boat. The stanchion is so close to the rail that I was wondering if they are lagged into something. Has anyone replaced the...
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    lowering the mast

    Lindacc ... The challenges of trailering your boat and what to do with the mast! This is always a challenge but there are lots of resources to help. Youtube has videos and then in the "show more" section links to more detailed instructions. I am not familiar with your boat but presume your mast...
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    proper rigging for my 23

    Lance - that's an interesting setup and one I've seen on a number of smaller boats. Pjohn70 about the rigging..... I have an O'Day 23 and the mainsheet is not like the one outlined by Lance. Although I have thought of doing that for my boat because it will behave a little like a traveller...
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    Swing Keel

    Diver, I'm a bit late to this posting, have not logged on for some time since we were in the middle of winter here in the northeast and ... Anyway the pictures from other replies are great but I'd suggest taking a look at a posting from a number of years ago as well. More than a few years ago...
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    Tuning an O'Day 25

    I agree with Jackdaw and many of the other posts here, especially those about the size of a 150 jib. I have an O'day 23 and it gets interesting in winds above 20 kts. I do not race my boat but do strive to get the best out of her every time I hoist the sails. I think a 150 is too big in winds...
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    Rudder options for O'Day 22

    Just saw this on e-bay and remembered your post.
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    Subsequent years

    Maine Sail ... I have used your "process" in the past and am happy with the results but am now a little confused about the subsequent years ..... In your detailed outline you wrote..... [I]The Process: Buffing and waxing a boat the right way takes time and is a commitment. On a gelcoat...
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    Wiring Diagram for Oday 25

    Ward, Thanks so much for the e-mails with the diagrams. Yes they do help with the general approach Punta Marine used when wiring the O'days. It provides a good place for me to start to rationalize my wiring.
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    stepping mast

    I have an Oday 23 and used to lift the mast from the front. Like Geehaw, all the stays were attached but loose. Raising/lowering the mast is a two person job and I use a sheet connected to the triangle plate on the backstay to help with the lifting/lowering. One word of caution ...... when...
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    Frozen Mooring

    Went to check on my boat at the marina and also the winter stick on my mooring. Thought you guys in the warmer climes would get a laugh from the situation up north .... The mooring field is frozen! Yes those are boats which were left to winter ... one of them is an O'Day 25! The temps...
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    O'Day 23 -- Single-Line Reefing System?

    Earendil.... Buzzards Bay can be interesting sailing - I used to moor my 23 in New Bedford harbor and had lots of fun on BB with the waves and the winding piping up. To your question about reefing - I cannot add anything to what has been posted since I only have the conventional set-up. Based...
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    Sail trim book question

    Don, as others have said ... thanks for a useful and simple book on sail trim. Re the corrections and or updates....... I am familair with the issues of pagination etc when you make a simple change and as one of the 6000+ owners of the book I'd like to suggest the following..... You are clearly...
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    O'day 23-2 winches again

    Interesting question ..... There are a couple of reasonable web sites which describe the math behind a winch .... But if you want the details then check out the specs/manuals for the...
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    Deck Hardware on 23-1: Screws or Bolts

    Sean, the other guys have given some useful information. Here is a link to a thread which gives some nice pictures and discusses different materials others have suggested from plywood to FR4/G10. The FR4/G10 glass...