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    Ericson 37

    As far as I can tell, it's the little sister to the e39 and e46. And we really like the e39. But I can't seem to find any other information on them. What can you tell me about the e37?
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    Looking for an Ericson 39

    Anyone looking to sale theirs?
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    I'm considering buying a NewPort 30

    I sailed a lot when I was younger. Haven't sailed much since the 90s. But my wife and I want to spend a couple years sailing the Caribbean. We've saved up about $20k for a boat and we talked to a real estate agent yesterday about putting our house on the market. Anyway, it's a 1982 Newport...
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    New To Sailing, Just picked up a 1974 MacGregor V2-22

    My girl and I have been talking about learning how to sail and the other night she was looking over Craigslist and dreaming about boats. She then looked on the free section and saw a listing for a MacGregor with a trailer so we went and picked it up. The guy said it had been sitting in his...