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    How long should a Mushroom mooring anchor last?

    I moved to a mooring 5 years ago when I bought a larger boat (O'Day 322 in Mt Sinai Harbor, NY). I bought a used 400 pound anchor from a local marina with everything else new. This marina drops and picks up my anchor annually, which is a town requirement. A few weeks ago I got an estimated bill...
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    New Start Battery?

    Replacing my 2 Group 31 general purpose batteries on my O'Day 322, w/2GM20F engine. All LED interior lights, planning on adding a 12VDC TV, and an Isotherm Compact Classic 2501 refrigeration unit. No plans for much else electric. Have an 80 amp, external regulated alternator, and adding about...
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    Yanmar 2GM20F Remote Oil Filter

    Does anyone have a source for a remote oil filter for the Yanmar 2GM20F? Thanks, Mickey D
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    Raymarine EV100 Rudder Reference install

    Has anyone installed a rudder reference upside down? I tried to get away with it on my O'Day 322 by mounting it to the forward part of the steering quadrant (not really a quadrant, as it's a circular piece that the steering cables go around between the wheel and rudder). Anyhow, my install has...
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    O'Day 322 throttle cable

    Anyone know the length and or Teleflex model number for a throttle cable on the 322? I need to replace mine and would rather have the new one in hand when I take the old one out...
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    Mt Sinai, NY Ablative Bottom Paint Recommendation?

    I've had an O'Day 322 in Mt Sinai for 4 years now, using West Marine CPP bottom paint. I'm not loving the results. A friend recommended Interlux ACT. Does anyone in the Pt Jeff/Mount Sinai area have a bottom paint that's really worked for them? I'm also considering Jamestown Total Boat Keel...
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    Run a new wire to O322 bilge?

    I'd like to add a 3rd wire to my bilge pump, so I can power both the manual and automatic circuits. Any 322 I've seen, and the one I own, has 2 wires only. Figuring how the heck I can run a wire from the panel to the bilge is daunting! The existing wires disappear from the rear of the...
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    O'Day 322 gooseneck question

    Was looking at my gooseneck the other day (Z-Spar, O'Day 322) and was wondering if I had a problem. It seems to me that there's a spacer on the vertical portion on the left that may have slipped downward and is now creating an angle and a possible stress point. Any thoughts? Should the piece...
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    Can't sell a 272LE in the NE.. what a shame-

    Been trying to sell my 1987 272LE for 2 years now, and she won't go. Looks like I'm going to have to cut up and part out a perfectly good 272. What a freaking shame! A friend of mine is about to do the same with his O'Day 22. It's not the price, both of us are almost giving them away! What's...
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    O'Day 322 replacement sliding hatch

    Has anyone replaced their sliding hatch on a 322 or similar boat (the horizontal sliding hatch, not the vertical hatch/pem boards). My lexan hatch is cracked since I bought the boat, and I really need to replace it. I'm concerned that if I find a direct replacement, it'll cost me an arm and a...
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    Add Inspection Port to Plastic Diesel Tank?

    Is there a method to add an inspection port (say 4-5") to use to clean a diesel fuel tank made of plastic? I've seen products available for metal tanks, but not for plastic. I'd love to get in my 19 gallon O'Day 322 fuel tank and clean it out manually.
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    Single Use navigation Charts?

    Is anyone aware of any charts available for single use plotting? I'd love to have like a tablet of tear-off charts (maybe 11x14 or so) of say Long Island Sound (NY), that I could plot my position on for each trip. Then tear it off and save it in a log book. Can't find anything on the internet yet...
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    Service switch for AC Shore Power?

    I've been reading up on Marine Electric in a US Power Squadron course. They state that you should have a service switch (breaker) with overload protection within 3' of the service male plug (not at the panel, but upstream). My 1987 322 has no such breaker between the service entrance and the...
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    best prop for 322?

    322 current/former owners, or anyone with an informed opinion.. I have a folding prop on my 322 of unknown size/pitch, which I'll verify when I haul her in a few weeks. I don't like that I can only count on 4.8-5.3 kts under power. I'm wondering if I got a different prop (fixed? 2 blade? 3...
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    Unable to properly flush holding tank for winter

    I have not yet been able to flush my holding tank for the season (~16 gal tank, PH II). I pumped it out in early fall, then didn't use the head again. I'm storing the boat in the water this winter. I've been out of town returning next week, but the water has been shut off at the marina, and...
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    322 Transmission cable length?

    My tranny cable broke and I forgot to measure the length before I left the mooring. I see they're sold in one foot increments. Anyone know the length to get for a 1987 322 with the Yanmar 2GM20F engine?
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    What type Ritchie compass for O'Day 322?

    Got myself a new-to-me '87 322 that needs a compass. PO placed a bulkhead Ritchie in the binnacle. Looks to be about 4 1/2 inch wide opening in the Edson binnacle. Anyone know which model Ritchie will drop in there?
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    272le wheel autopilot?

    Need to replace my autopilot on my 272LE. Seems the only game in town is the Raymarine EV-100. That about right?
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    272LE shift cable replacement

    I have to replace my shifter cable. Any advice? I've searched the archives and haven't found anything much... O'Day 1987 272LE thanks..
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    Westerbeke 10/2 lower alternator mount

    I have an '87 272LE with a Westerbeke 10/2. One recent morning, when I started the engine, the lower bolt (the one you loosen to adjust belt tension) sheared off. While trying to get the stub out, I broke off an EZ out. The bolt threads into a cast ear off the crankcase. Kinda screwed. Towed to...