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  1. gjomara

    Center Board Cable 1975 O'Day 25

    Hey, you were correct, they power sprayed the bottom immediately,. The Boat appears to be very solid. Few days and a couple projects and back in the water.
  2. gjomara

    Center Board Cable 1975 O'Day 25

    Thank you, I think I am going to pull the boat and make sure it is fixed properly, I also need to clean the bottom and inspect the bottom.
  3. gjomara

    Center Board Cable 1975 O'Day 25

    I don’t think that can work for me, I may try to motor around the corner and just lift it out and clean and inspect the bottom?
  4. 1975 O’Day 25

    1975 O’Day 25

    Stubborn Persistence
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    My first boat a 1975 O’Day 25
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  17. gjomara

    I am new to boating and sailing.

    I am new to boating and sailing.
  18. gjomara

    Center Board Cable 1975 O'Day 25

    My cable to the center board has broke and i am un able to lift the center board. my boat is docked here at home, is there a simple solution, are does the boat need to be pulled? your help and advice are greatly appreciated. also is there anywhere i can down load the original owners manual?