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    Stern fiberglass bulkhead on 25

    I am trying to strip all hardware to paint and re-bed. I am thinking about cutting a bigger opening to better access the stern hardware. Most of the styrofoam has been removed by previous owner. Since this bulkhead is not structural I see no reason not to cut a large opening. If I decide to put...
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    Trailer clearance on keel V.

    I have a Mac 25 on the standard trailer. It has little clearance at the V Cross member. My drive is not sloped much but it drug for about 3feet when I brought it in. I am thinking about raising the frame two inches by putting 2x2 steel box member between the axel and the springs with longer U...
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    Rub rail caulk

    Just acquired my 25 and while sanding the hull found old caulk coming out from under the rub rail. Got some Sikaflex and backer rod to fill the gaps but then thought, what happens to water that leaks in at the top of the rail. Maybe it should not be caulked underneath. What are your thoughts or...