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    Floor hatch latch!

    So. The floor hatches to the bilge. I want to secure them. Currently they are just laying over the openings to the bilge. I am interested in what others have done to secure the wood floor hatches down. Thanks, groundhog
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    Turning block loads...

    So how much loading do you think mast base turning blocks will experience? Im trying to purchase blocks for my mast collar. They will turn the halyards, and reefing lines to the cockpit. Thanks, gh [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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    MD6A blew

    Heading out of annapolis a couple of days ago and something came loose inside my MD6A. I am now getting repower quotes. Everyone around here seems to sell Yanmar. I found one Beta guy. What are the tips n tricks i should look out for? Seems the motor mounting beds are slanted downward...
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    Our yahoo albin vega group home page...

    I used to easily find our group home page by doing an internet search for - yahoo albin vega group now i have great difficulty Sent from my iPhone
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    how to remove wooden side of bunk on port side.

    Hi, I need to get the side off of the port bunk. What is the best dissassembly method. I cant make sense of it off hand. Tried to make a glue pedestal for my new depth transducer and some glue adhered my transduer cable to the floor. So now i need to scrape it off. THanks,groundhog [Non-text...
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    Wood stain

    Any suggestions on what stain will make oak wood look like the sappele? gh
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    interior dissassembly instructions?

    are there any published instructions? i am interested in removing and refinishing some of the interior wood. thanks groundhog Sent from my iPhone
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    Beta oil change question

    I went to use the hand pump to pump out my motor oil and it didn’t work. When you pull up the handle, you do generate a vacuum suction for a short period. But nothing comes up? Any ideas? Threaded stopper was out. Stop cock fully unscrewed. Motor warmed up a bit. Sent from my iPhone
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    Turnbuckle cracks and...

    Preparing to raise mast and noticed cracks in my turnbuckle bolts but not the bodies. gh
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    Forward stem chainplate..

    Can anyone tell me the specific failure mode on the stainless chain plate? Is it the actual plate where the forestay connects that cracks? Or the weld to the tube/strap metal? Thanks Roy
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    Nicro solar vent repair.. Glue type?

    Due to these crummy things costing almost $200 each, I have cut the solar cell compartment open and plan to put another solar cell in there. Has anyone else done this? My question is what type of glue to use? I want something that will pass maximum light and not haze up or fail due to...
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    Boom Topping lift..

    I would like to change out my boom topping lift at this time. Currently there is thin wire rope (1/8 in dia ?) spliced to normal line at the bottom. What are people using now for this? If I go to modern synthetic on this, will I need to still get a larger line spliced on? gh
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    lexan (polycarbonite) cabin hatches

    my hatches are shredding up in weather. i had to make them with regular plywood due to being on a bicycle. so i was shopping for marine plywood, when i came across a thread mentioning clear plastic (lexan) hatch covers. has anyone tried this on a vega and how do you like it? does the clear...
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    Can’t find my Cockpit floor screws...

    Anybody recall the thread or length? Sent from my iPhone
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    Annapolis boat show

    Any vegas at the show this year? Sent from my iPhone
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    Rig tuning numbers..

    Hi all, My mast went up today. Need rig tune info if anyone has it handy. gh
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    Best Lubricant for minsail slides/cars?

    Bicycle chain wax? McLube sailkote spray? other?
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    Should someone collect email addresses?

    As a last resort, we could simply drop back one notch technically and just send emails to our own list... Thats all they are doing really..
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    through hull valve

    Anybody have info on the original part? Valve type, part number? Sent from my iPhone
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    Jib halyard s

    Do our vegas have 2 sheaves on the mast to service 2 jib halyards? Thx. Gh