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    say NO to Nike!

    My point, exactly!
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    say NO to Nike!

    Me using my righty cognitive dissonance disorder: Hey everybody, there is a new reason to be irrationally angry at Nike, a company that we already hate for...hating America? or the flag? or firemen? or something, don't get caught up in facts, pul-ease. Anyway, we were good and worked up back...
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    say NO to Nike!

    You two calling me a liar says nothing about me, but it speaks quite a bit about you. You should be embarrassed. Maybe some professional counseling could relieve the emotional burdens that are eating away at you. I wish you all the best.
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    I have old eyes, too, yet I disagree. All caps makes reading slower and is discourteous to the readers. There are two very easy ways to increase to size of text on your computer: Hold the 'Crtl' key down and press the '+' key until you like the size, or hold the 'Crtl' key down and roll the...
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    How do you rig a 130 Genoea on an O’Day Mariner

    The folks at the Marina are just OK, I reckon. Sure, they're all friendly and helpful whenever I'm there, but not even once has anybody cleaned my boat while I was gone, even though the most casual observer can easily tell that she badly needs it.
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    How do you rig a 130 Genoea on an O’Day Mariner

    Yes, weeds definitely reduce the sailing area in the summer and on into the fall. One fall I spent an entire morning clearing a path from slip to ramp so that I could take my boat out for the winter. The last few years have been not so bad at the marina because somebody is using chemical...
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    Just starting I thinking right?

    Try to borrow or rent sailboats before you buy. Don't buy a daysailor if your sailing area is more than 1-hour from home (or whatever your reasonable daily commute time is; don't forget to double for there and back). Add in at least 1/2 hour for set-up and at least as much for de-rigging. Keep...
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    How do you rig a 130 Genoea on an O’Day Mariner

    The Mariner sails better if the skipper and crew are sitting athwart or forward of the mainsheet block, so it does make sense to bring the genoa sheets forward from the lead car rather than aftward. (The mainsheet block is typically a bit forward of the center of the cockpit. This is contrary to...
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    How do you rig a 130 Genoea on an O’Day Mariner

    Your original question has become much more interesting since you've posted the photos. None of the hardware on the coaming of your boat is original to the Mariner. However, there are other Mariners that have very similar modifications to those that yours has. Two boats come to my mind: Shoal...
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    How do you rig a 130 Genoea on an O’Day Mariner

    You cannot properly rig a 130 using the Mariner stock jib leads. There must be additional hardware on the coaming. I recommend that you purchase a new, Mariner standard-size jib. You are going to want a standard jib anyway, for windier sailing days. Even in light air, the Mariner sails better...
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    Best Boat To Learn To Sail On?

    If somebody asked me "what is the best boat to learn on," I would respond just as Don (...find a good sailing school in his area...) and Jackdaw (...whatever your local community sailing center uses for adult training...) already wrote. If you want to know what boat I learned on I'd say a...
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    How does this happen?

    OK, OK, forget about the enforcement details. Let's discuss the speed limit set by the slowest vessel that can be seen.
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    What do you say to a neighboring MY running his engine for hours?

    I was relaxing on the upper deck of a friend's big motorboat. He was relaxing down below. When the engines fired up, I assumed that he was doing some kind of maintenance. After a minute or so I tore myself away from my horizontal orientation to go see if I could help. Right at that moment he...
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    How does this happen?

    I propose that all vessels be required to reduce their speeds to match the slowest vessel within a 360-degree view. This could be enforced by radar and drone surveillance and increased Coast Guard and US Navy presence in busy boating areas. I'm not sure of the details, like how does one matched...
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    Sail Track Slot Cover

    I second Cowpokee's recommendation of Tom Luque is a gem of a person with whom to do business, and he has a very good product that is an excellent solution to your problem.
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    Looking for relief of guilt

    Yes, if the stand-on vessel makes an obvious evasive maneuver before the give-way vessel adjusts, that is perfectly reasonable. By the way, what is the signal that denotes an understanding of being the burdened vessel?
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    Looking for relief of guilt

    This is a great example of the sailboat's-right-of-way fallacy. In this situation, as we understand it, the sailor's position was the stand-on vessel; his obligation was to maintain his course. The sailor did not have a right-of-way, he was not the right in altering his course in a way that...
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    Battling Mildew and Mold

    I cleaned up a boat interior that was worse than that. It was easy. Take everything out of the boat. Put some Concrobium Mold Control in a small garden sprayer and mist all surfaces in the boat. Give the Concrobium a bit of time to do its thing, then go in with a pail of clean water and a big...
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    BTW - almost all materials that are dyed dark colors will have more UV resistance than their light-hued counterparts. Fabrics, rope, shock cord, plastics, etc.
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    Difficult time raising the main

    FYI - In this context, 'sheave' is a noun and is pronounced "shiv" (rhymes with 'give'). In another context, 'sheave' is a verb having nothing to do with sailing. The verb 'sheave' rhymes with 'eave'.